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What would you like to translate?

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Attestation and Notarization


The act of notarization of the signatures on a document can only be done by a legally approved notary public, with signatories present in person Attestations of documents, on the other hand, by the Ministry of Justice can be facilitated by anyone, without the need for the owner of document to be personally present.

When you need a certified translation of a document for legal, insurance, or other purpose, we affix our legal stamp and signature on the document verifying the accuracy of the translation. Then we take this document to the Ministry of Justice and have it attested.

To ensure that we can affix our legal stamp and signature on the translation, your document need to be originated locally in the UAE, or have the stamp of the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the document in advance.


Those who want to attest documents from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should be aware of authorities of the ministry and procedure and nature of documents that they attest.

All vital certificates (birth, marriage), academic certificates and any other certificates used in support of applications for employment, residence, commercial contracts etc in Dubai must be authenticated or attested by the relevant authority of the country that issued them, then by the consulate of that country in Dubai, and finally by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dubai office.

The documents for the attestation fall into two categories: inbound documents and outbound ones.

    1. Inbound: As per the UAE Federal Labour Law, those applying for a residence permit in UAE need to furnish attested Certificate from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of their origin. Once you are done with the attestations from the country of Issuance, you need to approach the MOFA office in Dubai or Abu Dhabi for the attestation by MOFA, UAE. You will be required to carry original (attested) certificates, the relevant fee, and passport of the individual.
    2. Outbound: Those moving out of the UAE also need to get their documents attested by the government of UAE. The MOFA, UAE is the apex body with the authority to attest documents pertaining to all activities in the land. Besides birth and marriage certificates, the department also attests certificates related to withdrawal of partnership, clearance documents, maid contracts; it also attests on powers of attorney, etc. As per the rules, the concerned individual must first visit Dubai Courts Notary Public, followed by Ministry of Justice and finally The Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Why choosing us? We take your legalized translations to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for attestation in preparation for use by foreign embassies in the UAE or overseas. Over the years, we have earned a name for fast turnaround time and competitive rates. The hallmark of our services lies in the safe handling of documents, complete tracking of documents, and genuine attestation.


A notice of default is a notification given to a borrower stating that he or she has not made their payments by the predetermined deadline,. Other ways a borrower may be in default include not providing proper insurance coverage for the property, or not paying due to property taxes as agreed. It dictates that if the money owed (plus an additional legal fee), are not paid in a given time, the lender may choose to foreclose the borrower’s property. Any other people who may be affected by the foreclosure may also receive a copy of the notification.

A public notice is filed with a court stating that a mortgage borrower is behind on payments. This is one of the first steps toward foreclosure, and if the borrower does not pay, the next step is for the lender to file a notice of sale for the property. However, if the borrower catches up on his or her payments, the foreclosure process can be halted.

How can our company be found helpful? We take your legalized translated notice of default for notarization on your behalf by the UAE Notary Public and send it to your defaulting client who failed to pay you on time.


An Australian Notary Public, Public Notary, or Notary, is a public officer, usually a practicing solicitor or attorney, appointed for life by a State or Territory Supreme Court, and given statutory powers to witness documents, administer oaths, and perform other wide-ranging and useful administrative functions of a national and international nature.

A Notary Public principally:

  • Attests documents and certifies their due execution for use in Australia and overseas countries.
  • Prepares and certifies powers of attorney, wills, deeds, contracts and other legal documents, for use in Australia and overseas countries.
  • Witnesses signatures to affidavits, powers of attorney, contracts, and other documents, for use in Australia and overseas countries.
  • Verifies documents for use in Australia and overseas countries.
  • Certifies copy documents for use in Australia and overseas countries.

The service that our company provides is that we make a true copy of your original document, and affix our legal stamp and signature, as a confirmation of a true-certified copy, ready for use before Australian authorities.

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Premium translation is completed by a native professional translator followed by full revision by a second native specialized professional translator and a final quality control by a dedicated project manager. Premium translation is a high-quality translation best suited for publication purposes. Translation memory and glossary are provided upon request.

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Here to Help Your Every Business Need