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Best CAT Tools in 2020

Best CAT Tools in 2020

Best CAT Tools in 2020

Nowadays translation industry is full of various CAT tools. While picking desired tool, you require to take into record the budget, the amount of translation, the essential functions you are looking for. We have succeeded to generate a short list that includes the best CAT tools in the market with their features.

SDL Trados Studio

The most recommended CAT tool translation and it has the biggest market share. Complete software for big translation projects, it manages translation, editing, quality assurance, localization, machine translation and managing terminologies. 

Big companies are always asking translators to work with reliable CAT tools like SDL. So it will be a good value if you are using SDL, which will increase the number of your clients and boost your revenues.

You can try the free version for 30 days so as to be able to make a decision before purchasing it.

Key features:

  • Improves translation efficiency.
  • Fairly easy to use.
  • It supports a lot of different formats and integrates well with other tools.
  • A lot of translation agencies prefer SDL Trados, so being able to work in it results in increased client demand.
  • Powerful translation memory technology.
  • Sophisticated terminology management.
  • Efficient translation project management.
  • Innovative Neural Machine Translation.
  • Work wherever you are.
  • Collaborate for even greater efficiency.


MemoQ is another very popular CAT tool. Because of its lower price and simpler user design, many freelancers initially choose to work with memoQ instead of Trados. With much of the same functionality as Trados, memoQ’s main benefit is that it is compatible across multiple CAT tools and file formats.

It has many powerful features that definitely helps the translation team and result in delivering better quality. For example, it has a fast spell-checker, it enables translators to work together in the same project even if they are using other tools like Trados, and it has a built-in quality assurance feature.

If you are still looking for the perfect CAT tool, or if you have a small translation project, you can use the free demo for 45 days.

Key features:

  • HTML Live preview
  • Customizable filters
  • Customizable shortcuts
  • Global Find and Replace
  • Filtering and sorting
  • Real-time spell-checking
  • Automatic saving
  • Multiple-level undo and redo
  • AutoCorrect

Wordfast Pro

It’s a standalone translation management tool that mainly focuses on improving the translation process. Wordfast Pro’s main feature is that it’s the only TM tool that runs natively on Windows, Mac and Linux. It supports all languages that are supported by Windows Word. 

Besides, translators can virtually translate from any file format like Adobe InDesign, PDF, XML and many more! It also includes unlimited TM, glossary access, and Real-Time Quality Assurance. However, the only disadvantage of Wordfast Pro is the translation memory size, which is 500 units.

Key features:

  • Inline Formatting
  • Localization Automation
  • Machine Translation
  • Pretranslation
  • Project Tracking
  • Terminology Management
  • Translation Analytics
  • Translation Memory
  • Version Control



Smartling helps ambitious brands access more markets, deliver better experiences, and build stronger relationships by transforming the way their content is created and consumed around the world. This translation software and services prioritize process automation and intelligent collaboration so that companies can quickly and cost-effectively localize their websites, apps, and documents with minimal IT involvement.

Smartling’s Translation Management Platform helps global businesses transform the way their content is created and consumed around the world.

Key features:

  • Website translation
  • Mobile app translation
  • Document translation
  • Process automation
  • In-context view
  • Translation management
  • Content collection automation
  • Automatic workflows
  • Translation file organization


 It’s easy to use, it has all the features that a beginner requires. The free CAT tool that you’ve always wanted to work with. It’s simple, effective, modern-looking, powerful, and most of all, extremely intuitive to use.

Workflow automation, vendor network, and payments connect in a single workspace, enabling stress-free, continuous localization.

The best CAT tool available for free on any platform, period.

Key features:

  •    Create a new project and assign tasks for each stage of the workflow.
  •     Your team translates in a state-of-the art CAT tool.
  •     Manage the translation process online.
  •     Receive translations and make payments.



Many people in the language industry are forward-looking, with the parent company of MateCat being one of them. At the time of founding MateCat, Translated did the unthinkable; they made a great CAT tool and let users on any platform use it for free via a web browser.

Free CAT tools like this one lets you upload your files, work on your translations, and even get accurate TM matches from Translated’s “MyMemory” TM; a collaborative effort between translators to map out the biggest TM the world has ever known.

Key features:

  • Localization Automation
  • Project Tracking
  • Terminology Management
  • Translation Analytics
  • Translation Memory


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