How to get Legal Documents Translated?


In the current globalized world, accurate legal document translation has become very crucial as the borders blur and commerce outstrips geographical boundaries. At any given point in life, we can experience the need to get our legal documents translated. Legal documents can vary from simple ones like traffic tickets to more complicated vital ones like contracts, agreements, and legislation. It’s important to note that a tiny mistake during the translation and interpretation of legal documents can cause serious consequences. Therefore the art of legal document translation is a tangled venture that requires proficient linguistic skills along with a deep understanding of legal systems, terminologies, cultures, and nuances. 

Before getting any legal document translated, you should understand how professionals translate legal documents. This way you will be able to overcome a variety of frustrating consequences that you might come across in the future. 

In this blog, we will learn about the complexities of legal document translation, the specialized skills required to perform the task, and the steps involved in the process. In short, we will precisely decode the art of legal document translation.  

Intricacies Involved in Legal Document Translation 

In legal translation, professionals convert legal documents from one language to another while preserving their legal validity and accuracy. However, the process is more complicated than it seems; it does not involve mere word-to-word conversion. Instead, legal terminologies, jargon, and cultural nuances pose difficulties during the process that demand legal translators to precisely understand the source document and accurately convert it into the target language. 

Preserving the legal terminology in the translated document is a fundamental challenge that a legal translator has to overcome. Legal systems of different countries vary in terms of legal terminologies, laws, and regulations which make literal translations inadequate and often misleading. Legal translators should have deep knowledge of both legal systems to preserve the intended meaning of the source text in the translated document.  

Ambiguities in legal texts are another challenge that a legal translator has to comprehend. Legal language varies across the globe which leaves room for various interpretations. Therefore only professional translation companies should be approached for legal document translation services. Only skilled and highly qualified legal translators would be able to decipher the intended meaning from the source document.

Steps to Follow While Getting Your Legal Documents Translated

People often try to get legal documents translated by their multilingual friends and relatives to save money but this act most often leads to disasters. It happens because all the translated documents are supposed to be notarized by an individual who has a notary seal. All the legal documents must be certified. Otherwise, they will not be accepted as true documents and it gives life to a lot of questionable issues. For example, the birth certificate issued by a hospital, or a social security card, used for identification by a person must be translated by a professional legal translator who has obtained a certification for translating legal documents. Otherwise, the translated document would not be legal and it will not be accepted.   

You should follow the steps when you are trying to translate a legal document. If you follow these steps, you will be able to get the translation job done precisely well. 

Collect the documents that need legal translation. And then look for a certified translator to do the job. Looking for a reliable translation service is not something difficult to do. That’s because all the translation service providers have gone online and you can easily reach a handful of them. You can search for a reliable translation service provider on the internet and locate one, who is familiar with the two languages. Before you hand over the documents, you should check the service provider's background. Then you will be able to understand what kind of services they offer and how can you avail of those services.  

Before handing over the documents to the translation company, you should attach all the required documents. They include stamped certifications, duplicate copies, and other special notices, which need to be adhered to when the translation is happening. You should also discuss the time you can provide for the translation process. If there’s any urgency and you need the documents within 24 hours then that’s not an issue. Communicate with the translation agency and get the job done. However, availing 24-hour translation service might cost you a little more than the regular translation. 

Even last-minute translation needs can be done with the assistance of a professional translation service. For example, marriage certificates, birth certificates, brochures, etc. can easily be translated at the last minute but we would suggest giving enough time for the translation of crucial documents like legal proceedings, driving licenses, etc. All you need is a professional translation agency with a certified legal translator. 


In other cases, when there is no urgency, give the translator plenty of time to complete the project. Meanwhile, you can fulfill other requirements of the process. Do not forget to keep a copy of all the documents with you so that you stay aware of what was given and received after the completion of the legal document translation. 

Once the documents get translated, review them thoroughly. When you get the documents back, ensure that the required seal is placed on all the translated documents.  

After all these steps, you can simply proceed with the documents and submit them to the respective organizations. Hiring a professional translation service provider will give you peace of mind and it will protect you from the hassle that can occur after submitting misleading translated documents. To overcome silly linguistic issues, we strongly encourage you to locate the best translation service provider and hand over your job. This will guarantee a quality outcome for you as well. And if you are located in Dubai or UAE, then AGATO Legal Translation can be your go-to option for professional legal document translation services.