The Benefits of Global Translation Services and Going International


Globalization a force to reckon with

Globalization has opened up a new dimension across all industries around the world. Communication which was an irritating factor during the late 19th century and early 20th century did improve towards the latter part of the latter century.

The communication environment has changed drastically over the last few years and is on a roller coaster ride with the sky being the limit as we see it today. It is the advancement in communication technology that has made the world smaller and brought its people together.

This tremendous improvement in global communication possibilities has brought the world closer together and it seems quite small compared to what it was in the centuries gone by. This has brought the business community in the world also closer with business activities being concluded faster that one could bat an eyelid. This new environment has unveiled a host of opportunities across the globe for every business worth its salt to search for new pastures.

Danger of not pursuing a global strategy

If your brand has the potential for global recognition it would be prudent to place your brand there. If you do not, other global brands could pose a threat to your own existence. Globalization is creeping into every nook and corner and if you do not pull up your socks international brands could land at your own doorstep and pull the rug from under your feet. It is to prevent such a situation that it would be prudent of you to take the global stage and ensure you keep the local, regional and global competition at bay.

If you take the ball to their court it would ensure your survival if not you could be taken unawares when they mount a challenge on you. To go global you may need to revamp your marketing strategies and change your mode of communication to fit the ground realities.

Taking the world on your stride

The world population stands at 7.0 billion and of this it is estimated that 4.4 billion use the internet. This is serious food for thought to all those businesses that think that they need to only confine themselves either locally or regionally. This is a misconception because the world is open to them to trade their wares and extend their reach to all corners of the globe.

Though English is the popularly used language for most internet users’ estimates show that only about 33% or 1/3 internet use it when they are online. The rest of the internet users would climb aboard the internet employing various languages of which the most popular being Chinese. Boasting of a stupendous population of 1.2 billion people China has an estimated 22% of internet users on the platform at any given time which would be a staggering figure of between 383 to 444 million.

Apart from English and Chinese there are nine other major languages which all account for the staggering 4.4 billion internet users worldwide. If your business is only concentrating on the English language platform that would mean that you are denying your brand a larger world audience. It would be time to shed traditional marketing strategies and get on the world stage and take the bull by its horns and make an indelible mark on the world platform.

The rest of the more popular pack of internet users is the Japanese, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Korean, Russian, and the Germans. To take your brand onto a world platform it would be imperative that you communicate with them in their language.

Translations to the fore

If you are to communicate with the Chinese or any other major language sector it would be inevitable that you do so in their language. Doing so would be to your advantage and also communicating would become that much easier. Responses would also be more positive and accommodating because there is a personal touch which would strike the right chords in those who would be spoken to in their own language.

To ensure that you take on this challenging endeavor it would be imperative that you employ or commission the most experienced and qualified Language Service Provider or LSP. Every document from the first introduction contact would best be in the language of the prospective customer. It would need to address some issues like a top class translation and a well compiled strategy.

Once you step on to the global platform with a flawless translation it would be your first step to a very exciting, interesting and profitable journey for your brand and company. The only aspect that you would need to keep a close watch on would be the quality of all your translations in the language that you are communicating. You could be doing so with many others in different languages but whatever you may do it is imperative that your translations are of international standard and shows your prospective customers that you mean business.

There is also a cultural aspect that would need to be given serious consideration without which you could be treading on the toes of your prospective customers. That would not leave a good taste in their mouths which would be reasons for them to dump your brand for another. This cultural aspect is based on how you would use their language because translating from English to any of the other languages could be tricky due to various reasons. Only an experienced and professional LSP would be able to come out trumps in ensuring perfect translations.


Translation flaws could upset the apple cart and bring even ridicule on your brand hence it would need careful consideration to ensure your brand strikes the right chords in the customer. Whatever cultural background your prospective customers would come from they are human at heart hence would have common traits. Ensuring that their feet are not thread would assure you of a profitable engagement. Engaging them in their own backyard with their own language would hold you in good stead.  

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