The Best Translation Apps For iOS and Android


Learning new languages and having the ability to communicate with those who use them would be a great way to make new friends, talk business, getting directions when travelling or understanding other cultures. The more languages you could master would make you a global personality. Others would melt in their attitude towards you and assimilation would be easier when you have the ability to communicate with others in their own language.

This endeavour has become a reality, with many apps available to you to use it on your mobile devices and enjoy the interaction and communicate with others easily. We look at the six best translation apps which you could use to make you not a “man about town” but a “man about the world”. Sorry, no sexual discrimination intended, you could be a “woman of the world” too.

#1. iTranslate – (For iOS / Android)


You have access to translate a staggering 90 languages and it is all free! There are few in-apps that are available for purchase but with individual needs varying it may not be needed by everyone. This superlative app could help you with spelling and its dictation advantage is great for those who would like to get everything perfect. You have the possibility of speaking and getting an answer without tapping on the screen of your mobile device.


Any misunderstandings that could occur due to errors in pronunciation would be totally eliminated with this very practical app, as it could be used to slow down the audio playback.  

#2. Google Translate – (For iOS / Android)


Google, the name is synonymous with everything that is digital and their related applications. This app is really child’s play once you have downloaded it, and it could instantly translate any text that you would click on your camera in the mobile device. For instance, if you come across a signboard, that is in a language alien to you, just shoot, and get it translated.


If you are globetrotter and travel frequently it is just a matter of inputting some common phrases that you would use and when you have an issue just instantly get the translation in the language of your choice.  

#3. SayHi – (For iOS)


This is a free app that is available only for iPhone and iPad users and has the ability to translate around 100 languages which would also help you with the relevant dialects and other aspects. You also have the option of having your mobile spit out the required statements in either a male or female voice.


The audio could be slowed down to facilitate better understanding especially if you would intend to use it in conversations. This would avoid any errors in pronunciation and prevent any misunderstandings. The edit translation advantage would enable you to tap on the screen and get instantaneous queries on the translation.

#4. Voice Translator Free (For Android)


This app has a choice of 50 languages available for translation. It has the ability to provide translations from either speech to text or vice versa. It is versatile in use and has no frills attached and is more or less a very well organized app to ensure you get exactly what you would need and that too at the right time.


It is a workhorse when it is translations that you would need and selecting the language that you want and getting the right feedback is what it would do best.

#5. iHandy – (For Android)


You have two choices in this app with one free and the other available on payment. The paid app is superlative and has some great advantages but the free app would help you out adequately. If you would want sophistication then paying a few dollars would be prudent but if you need to get the job done then downloading the latter would be sufficient.

The app could help you through with 52 languages with a virtually fail-proof interface which is very user-friendly. Any of the languages available could be instantly translated without any hassle and is a very easy to use but basic app.   

#6. TripLingo (For iOS / Android)

A very popular app with frequent travellers and has overwhelmed many with its international flavour. It would provide translations to 23 languages instantly and for a monthly fee, you are permitted to access all its content which are superlative indeed. The app would translate common phrases and would also give you translations of even slang so that you could continue a conversation without being disturbed for want of the right words.


The app also has a culture guide wherever you would want to use it and has some extra advantages that other translation apps may not offer. It may seem irrelevant to you at the beginning but when you have it on your mobile it could come handy, indeed.   

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