What Makes a High Quality Translation?


Efficiency in business is critical


Time is of essence in today’s competitive business world. If you are not the proverbial early bird to catch the worm, in all probability your business could be left behind to rue, whilst others would have passed the winning post. In everything you do especially being online the need to be aggressive and efficient is an important trait.

This does not mean that with the rush to complete the required tasks within tight time constraints, you could be lethargic and drop your levels of quality in every sphere. If you do so the repercussions could be very grave. One area of vulnerability which most businesses experience is the translations that they would be called to initiate on their websites and other activities to be compatible with their business outlook.

Due to tight time constraints the chances are that their guard would be dropped to ensure they comply with the completion times or other inherent issues. This should not happen as quality does not come cheap and trying to cut corners would have long term repercussions to your business module.

Hence if you are to be successful in business it is imperative that you maintain an efficient and smooth operation in every sphere without condoning any. Your business could be compared to a cog wheel and it is only when all the cogs fit into each other would there be smooth working of the cog wheel if not chances are it would be stuck and movement stopped. This could happen to your business or to any other hence being on the job and ensuring smooth operation would be the order of the day.

Maintain quality in translations


One aspect that many websites tend to ignore is the quality of translations when they execute it. It is imperative that you maintain high quality translations because you would be dealing with a very sensitive affair even though some may not realize it. If you are to speak to another in the language they are comfortable in, then you would need to encompass all relevant factors.

If you do not provide quality translations on your website or on any other work that you would be doing there could also include an ego problem from those who would get offended for insulting their language. Hence it is imperative that your website and every other auxiliary works maintain high quality translations and gain respect rather than ire from those who you would set out to satisfy. It should not be an issue of trying to hold onto the wrong end of the stick and lose the goodwill built up over the years.

Ensure quality in the original text


It is imperative that your original text is flawless and correct in all aspects. Translations are derived from another hence if there are errors in the original it would definitely reflect in the translated text. Speaking with your Language Service Provider (LSP) and apprising them and yourself too of what is required and what standards to be maintained is very important.

The LSP should be able to monitor both the original and the translated text or content and ensure that there are no anomalies in either of the works. It should be understood that people do not like to see their language being castigated for no reason at all even if it is a genuine mistake. If they are prospective customers, you would be doing more harm than good to your website and business too. Hence being cautious at all times would keep you in good stead. You should never drop your guard and be attentive to every aspect affecting your works.

Select the right Language Service Providers


It is imperative that you select the right Language Service Provider (LSP) if you are to have flawless translations and minimum or no issues at all with what they are tasked to execute. Cutting corners and trying to save a few dollars by contracting a substandard LSP with such an important endeavor would not be in your best interests. Your translations would be read in whole and between the lines too hence you should be able to convey the most appropriate message without any anomalies and errors.

The LSP that you select should be able to guide you professionally through the intricacies of what translations are for and what they would really depict in the eyes and minds of your prospective customers. There are many LSPs out there who are not adequately adept to bring forth the appropriate translations, due to their lack in experience and knowledge. It is also in your best interest to ensure you work with one LSP rather than spreading your liability with many. You would be in a better position to monitor one LSP rather than supervising two or many. Centralizing your translation activities would be a prudent way forward and a better option too. 

Maintain the right cultural aspects


There is an inherent cultural aspect that would need to be addressed when translating text, content or even banners and others. It should always strike the right chord in the customer and not create ripples of dis-satisfaction or apprehension. The translations should be understood by the customer in the same spirit that you would need written and also convey the right ideas.

There have been instances where translations have conveyed quite the opposite to what the original content, text or other would have meant. When such things happen an apology would be the right thing to do, but to come to that would not bode well on your website. Hence it is imperative that you set out a reasonable budget and ensure that your translation is nothing less than flawless.


There is also another important factor which would need to be monitored. What we write in one language could be diametrically opposed to what would transpire in another. Translated words would need to be carefully selected before you would unleash them on your website.

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