How Profitable is the Career of a Translator?

The experts expect the language industry to reach $47.5 billion by 2021. A career of a translator can bring you consistent income in 2018, depending on the languages you know and how specialized your skills are. Knowledge of a foreign language continues to be a huge selling point for finding a job in an increasingly global …

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Should a Translator be Creative at Work?

Translators are the part of a process of the dialogue between two cultures, two languages and two different mindsets. A process which calls forth a profound understanding of the language they are translating from and a fluency in the language they are translating into. The complex and creative process of adapting one text into a …

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Top 4 Benefits of Being a Translator

The translation industry is an already hard business to break into. A translator should be passionate about their job as this shows in the delivery of a project. Professional linguists spend years gaining the best qualifications, however, working as one requires even more dedication and passion. When you lose a passion for work or you …

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How to Read beyond the Lines when Translating

Technology and the information revolution have opened a vast world of knowledge to all of us. Translators must develop work habits and methods that allow them to make the best use of search tools and other resources. Looking for extra-textual information is an essential component of translation, albeit one often overlooked or taken for granted.

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How to Compose a Perfect Content for Translation

Do you have an experience in writing? Do you have an experience in writing not in your mother tongue? Have you ever experienced difficulties in choosing words that will express your idea perfectly? In today’s globalized world, the demand for accurate, localized foreign language content is growing.

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Another Perspective: a Translation is Not

Nowadays people have a clear understanding of the sense of various concepts. And it doesn’t surprise us, does it? We know a lot today. We use a lot. We believe translation is one of them. If we ask you a simple question “what is a translation?” you will not have troubles to define this concept, …

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