How Good is a Computer for Translation?

Previously we have touched on a topic of computers in the translation industry and the advantages of involving modern technologies in the translation process. Today, we will concentrate on what computers can’t do and and highlight the idea of the importance of computer for translation as a whole.

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What Is The Future Of The Languages?

The world’s language system is undergoing rapid change because of demographic trends, new technology, and international communication. These changes will affect both written and spoken communication. Although many languages are going extinct, new ones are emerging in cities and extended social groups. Which languages will dominate the future? Predictions vary, depending on the location and …

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How Important is Culture for Translation?

Translation is a kind of activity which inevitably involves at least two languages and two cultural traditions – Gideon Toury   Translators permanently face the problem of how to treat the cultural aspects implicit in source a text and of finding the most appropriate technique of successfully conveying these aspects in the target language.

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How Important is Translation for Globalization?

“Let’s get global!” Such a call to action seems to be a core to the majority of companies in the world today. The penetration into the global market has without doubts a lot of benefits but it also becomes the reason to consider several aside actions. So, what is the role of translation for globalization?

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