How Much do You Know about Translation?

There is much information about translation and interpretation, but still, there are some questions that remain frequently asked and needing more of highlights. So today, we offer for your attention some of interesting questions pursuing two ideas, either help you learn something new, or check yourself on how much you know about translation.

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New Words and The Ways of Their Translation

People tend to follow two extremes: either to stick to traditions, something that people are used to or to follow the stream, choose what is so innovative and up to date. Thus, the question of new words and the ways of their translation is quite relevant today.

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Taste Your Language

How can you taste your language and why do you need it? First, let’s answer some simple questions: Have you ever thought about the language?   Did you actually analyze what makes you select exactly such words when you build a sentence? What influences your verbal reactions on certain utterances?

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