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Under the Hood: How AGATO Makes Good Translation

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Under the Hood: How AGATO Makes Good Translation
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Under the Hood: How AGATO Makes Good Translation

Translation is not a mechanical work. It requires skills and artistic approach. It’s not enough for the translator to be skillful in the source and target languages. There are additional secrets of success which can make our translation better. The following guidelines help our translators improve the quality of your translation and make the process simpler.

  1. Good equipment: Before starting translation, AGATO translators make sure they have all necessary equipment. This includes:
    1. Bilingual dictionaries,
    2. Encyclopedias, electronic dictionaries, dictionaries of idioms and jargon.
    3. Seminal articles about the topic
  2. Prereading: AGATO translators read all the text before they start working. This helps them get general idea and make the text more understandable.
  3. Style and Purpose: AGATO translators define the style and purpose the text was written for. This helps to choose the style of translation and necessary vocabulary.
  4. Focus on Meaning:AGATO translators pay more attention to the meaning of the text they translate; the soul of the text is much more important than the letter. The same thought or idea can be expressed in many ways and these ways can be very different in different languages.
  5. Pronunciation: By pronouncing phrases or longer pieces of text, AGATO translators have additional opportunity to check up the appropriateness of the words they choose and grammar structures in use.
  6. Rereading: AGATO translators read each sentence one more time after they put it down. This helps to correct grammar and spelling mistakes. In addition, they read each paragraph and the whole text after the translation is finished in order to check up if all the sentences fit context.
  7. Revision: Once the translation is finished, AGATO project manager assigns the translation to an independent senior translator to check the accuracy of the translation itself.
  8. Proofreading: Once the revision is completed, AGATO project manager asks a native speaker to proofread the target text. Native speaker can notice nuances translators have missed and the text will sound more natural.
  9. Quality Check: Once translation, revision and proofreading is completed, the translation is automatically assigned to an AGATO Quality Controller. Quality control re-examine the spelling of proper names, accuracy of dates, and numbers as well as the completeness of the whole document.
  10. Formatting: Once the quality check is over, AGATO project manager assigns the final document to a desk-top published to ensure appropriate look of the final translated document.

How Can Clients Help

AGATO Clients can help improve our process by doing the following:

  1. Plan: Select the most appropriate translation plan that can best meet their requirements. This includes:
    1. Standard Translation: This plan is good for getting general idea about the text. It is not recommended for publishing of sensitive material. The process includes just Translation.
    2. Quality Translation: This is good for getting exact idea about the text. Recommended for documents with normal sensitivity. On top of the above, the quality is checked.
    3. Revised Translation: This is good for documents of fairly sensitive nature such as contracts. The translation is sent for independent revision.
    4. Expert Translation: This is good for extremely sensitive documents, such as those meant for publishing. The translation is sent to a professional native speaker for checking and editing.
  2. Spelling: Send us the English, or Arabic, spelling of any name mentioned in the document. Remember the client is the best person to know about the spelling of their names. You many send supporting documents to help the translator get the exact spelling of the proper names.
  3. Time: Plan forward and allow abundant time to receive the document in time. Any rush may affect the quality of the translation.
  4. Review: Allow some time to review the document at your earliest once it is sent to you, and give any potential feedback on the translation.

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