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Legal Translation Quality Questionnaire

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Legal Translation Quality Questionnaire
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Legal Translation Quality Questionnaire

    We have noticed that most of our new loyal customers changed their translation provider because of quality, they were receiving low-quality translation from their previous translation providers.
    Q1: Are you satisfied with the quality of translation they provide you?
    Q2: What is the name of the company that handles your translations?

    We have noticed that the second major reason let them turn to us is punctuality, thousands of court cases adjourned due to failures or delay in translation services
    Q3: Are they punctual?
    Q4: How many pages do you send them to translate per month?

    Our customers informed us that the free delivery we provide is really important. They save time, money and manpower consumption.
    Q5: Is site delivery very important for you also?

    Q6) Are you willing to change your translation provider if we guarantee you a quality translation, punctuality, free site delivery and 30% discount?

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    Why AGATO Legal Translation Dubai

    Best Price Translation services Dubai

    Best Price Translation

    We have been a well-recognized and certified translation office in Dubai for decades and we know how to stand out from the crowd. We offer best low fixed prices and no extra charges or hidden fees. Once you fill the Translation Request form on our website, you will get the price in seconds.

    Fast Translation services Dubai

    Fast and Punctual Translation

    Once your translation order is placed successfully, your files will be sent to all our translation offices to be picked by competent translators. And to make it faster, we accept payments in many ways including: credit card and PayPal. That will make us able to finish translating your files as fast as possible and deliver your translation sharp on the promised time to your doorstep or email.

    Best Quality Translation services Dubai

    Best Quality Translation

    AGATO Legal Translation Dubai offers high-quality translation offered by highly-trained and qualified native language translators. AGATO Legal Translation Dubai applies the highest industry standards and certified by NAATI, TOLES, MSP, MST, embassies and directories in Dubai. AGATO is also certified for compliance with ISO 9001:2015 for quality management, and ISO 17100:2015

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