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    Our History

    The story of Agato translation started in 1986 when Hadi Abu Ghazalah completed Postgraduate Diploma in Translation and Interpretation, following a Bachelor degree in English Literature in 1985 from Damascus University.

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    Our Area of Expertise

    Professional language translation relies first and foremost on understanding the original text. Some documents are very specialized in nature and require industry-specific knowledge

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    How We Make Good Translation

    Translation is not a mechanical work. It requires skills and artistic approach. It’s not enough for the translator to be skillful in the source and target languages.

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    Our professional services

    Certified Legal Translation Dubai U.A.E

    AGATO completely understands the importance and critical nature of certified legal translation (SWORN Legal Translation) and NAATI certified translation in Dubai UAE. We have professional translators, certified in diverse domains providing translations depending on the specialty of the content of the legal document.

    Document Translation

    Professional translation of the documents has a key importance in promoting your business globally. AGATO provides professional document translation for any document whether it is professional company brochure, user guides, manuals, or an internal communication of the organization.

    Website Translation

    In this Modern-day era, website is one of the most important platforms to quickly and efficiently disseminate your message all across the globe. At AGATO Legal Translation, we understand the significance of promoting your message accurately and quickly through website translation.

    Video Translation

    Videos are widely used by organizations seeking business growth. Videos are one of the most important marketing and entertainment tool, nowadays. Businesses continuously strive for making sure that their brand message is well-articulated among the masses through video translation.

    Software Localization

    Translation of your apps and web applications should convey the message and that demands a keen technical understanding of your application and how multi-lingual audiences will interact with it. With native translators and experts in the domain, we’ll help keeping your apps user-friendly.


    Millions of online videos are streamed online daily in order to educate the intended audience. Corona time period also increased the pace dramatically as online learning remained the sole source of education for a long while.