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An application letter is a supporting document submitted along with other formal documents to provide additional information regarding one’s skills, experience, and services. There are various types of application letters including job application letters, business letters, loan application letters, academic, and scholarship application letters.

AGATO Translation is a professional translation company that provides affordable, accredited letter translation services across Dubai and the UAE. We are premiers in the field of translation and our translators are trained enough to provide fast, reliable, and precise letter translation services to fulfill the varying needs of our clients.

Need for Professional Application Letter: Translations in Dubai

Dubai is a global hub, appealing to multilingual individuals and businesses around the globe. In this continuously evolving multicultural city, the need for professional application letter translations cannot be overstated. International students want to study here, businessmen want to set up their businesses here, while common individuals just want to live in Dubai and enjoy the privileges. There’s always a competition going on for the available resources. Therefore to compete with others and achieve desired outcomes, it is essential to submit accurately translated application letters when applying for scholarships, jobs, or starting a new business venture.

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Professional Letter Translation Services for
all Sorts of Application Letters

Application letters are of various types, each differing based on its intended purpose. Our letter translation services are not limited to but include the following application letters:

Job Application Letter

It is also known as a cover letter and is used along with the resume while applying for a specific job. Our translators accurately translate the cover letters highlighting the candidate’s qualifications, experience, and suitability for the job so that it effectively resonates with the employers without any confusion.

Business Application Letter

Business application letters are used by individuals and organizations to formally convey their requests, applications, and proposals in professional settings. At AGATO, we translate different sorts of business letters including, proposal letters, inquiry letters, sales letters, follow-up letters, and more. Our skilled translators ensure important information is communicated effectively within and among the businesses.

Academic Application Letters

Academic application letters are essential when applying for scholarships or admission to academic programs. Our native translators help students communicate their achievements, goals, and personal motivations accurately to renowned universities, helping them present themselves more effectively to admission committees.

Professional Application Letter Translation
Services in Dubai

Letter Translation services in United Arab Emirates

Application letters often help individuals and businesses achieve their goals as they present vital information in the possessor’s desired language. Getting your vital documents translated by certified translators is crucial as a single mistake can lead to serious consequences. AGATO Translation takes pride in its client-centric approach to application letter translations. We a team of professional translators who possess linguistic proficiency and a deep understanding of relevant fields. Our certified professionals meet all sorts of legal and official requirements while translating application letters.

Not only application letters, but our experts also possess the right skills to translate all of your vital documents including birth and death certificates, marriage certificates, driving licenses, etc. The certifications of our translators play a major role in the approval of application letters on an official level. We are committed to providing professional application letter translation services in Dubai.

Our Process of Application Letter Translation - Dubai

AGATO Translation is a leading translation service provider in Dubai and is known for its precise and client-centered approach to application letter translation. Our translators ensure that the translated application letters are accurate, confidential, and comply with all legal requirements.

Following are the basic steps we follow to translate your application letter:

Initial Discussion


Document Evaluation




Quality Assurance


Final Delivery


Why AGATO for Application Letter Translation in Dubai?

AGATO Translation has been providing document translation services in Dubai for over two decades and is known for the quality of its services. Our professional translators possess linguistic expertise and are experts in their field. While providing letter translation services, our translators maintain the highest standards and ensure that the translated documents are accurate, precise, and of the highest quality.

You can avail of our letter translation services for various beneficial reasons.

Why AGATO for legal Application letter translation?
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Team of certified legal translators
Certified Excellence

Our reputable certifications assure our commitment to delivering top-tier application letter translation services. Our professional translators seamlessly bridge the language gaps, ensuring your information resonates effectively with the authorities. We are sure you would love the confidence you would get after enduring our certified excellence.

MOJ certified translations
Fast and Punctual Translation

AGATO delivers English <> Arabic Professional Application Letter Translation at an exceptional pace. The rate can be modified further on demand. For other language pairs, we typically deliver between 24 to 48 hours.

Decades of experience in translation industry
Best Quality Translation

AGATO Translation Dubai is a certified translation company that offers high-quality application letter translation services in Dubai. Our skilled and experienced native translators ensure the highest standards in every translation.

Guaranteed acceptance of legal documents
Best Price Translation

We offer market-competitive prices and provide you with a range of affordable and tailored price budgets for application letter translations, making high-quality translation services accessible to everyone.

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