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Interpretation generally refers to the spoken rendering of one language into another. The certified interpreters convey the spoken words or meaning of verbal communication from one language to another in different real-time settings including, a conversation, meeting, conference, legal proceeding, or other spoken interactions. There are various types of interpretation services, however, the two main types are Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpretation.

AGATO Translation takes pride in its comprehensive range of interpretation services that cut across language barriers and promote effective communication across borders. Our team comprises highly skilled, experienced, culturally aware, multilingual interpreters, who are committed to providing top-tier interpretation services in Dubai, UAE. With years of experience and unwavering dedication toward accuracy, precision, and cultural sensitivity we have established ourselves as a professional translation and interpretation company in Dubai and the UAE.

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Industries We Serve

AGATO Translation provides professional interpretation services to a wide range of industries, including but not limited to:


Our legal interpreters play a crucial role in ensuring accurate communication during depositions, court hearings, legal consultations, and other legal proceedings. It ensures the accurate delivery of knowledge in legal matters.


In healthcare settings, our medical interpreters facilitate communication between multilingual patients and healthcare professionals. It ensures accurate diagnosis and treatment in settings like hospitals, clinics, medical consultations, medical conferences, etc.


In the corporate world, our business interpreters play a vital role in expanding a business on an international level. Interpreters ensure a seamless flow of business discussions in meetings, conferences, negotiations, presentations, etc. Accurate interpretation services lead to successful international collaborations.


In various situations, interpreters play a crucial role in government and diplomacy. Our interpreting experts facilitate diplomatic meetings, international summits, and other governmental interactions. They help diplomats in effectively communicating on international matters which later enhances diplomacy and international relations.


In this era of the ever-growing world, multilingual education systems need interpreters to ensure effective communication between students and educators. Our educational interpreters provide you with a professional helping hand in multilingual classrooms, conferences, and academic events to ensure precise access of participants to educational content.


Tour guides occasionally utilize interpreters to communicate accurately with foreign tourists regarding historical sites, cultural landmarks, and local attractions. We can provide you with industry-specific experienced interpreters who will enhance your overall tourist experience and promote cultural exchange.

Difference Between TransLanguage Interpreters Honor Diversity: Embracing Cultural Sensitivity lation and Interpretation

Translation and interpretation are two sides of language excellence. These terms are occasionally confused, but it’s important to recognize their distinctiveness because they perform different roles in language proficiency. We can differentiate translation services from interpretation services based on various factors like context, medium, nature of service, skillset, timeframe, etc.

  • The translation is a meticulous process that involves the conversion of written text from one language to another while maintaining the original context, tone, and style. Whereas interpretation requires quick thinking and on-the-spot language skills as it involves the conveyance of spoken words or the meaning of spoken content from one language to another in real time.
  • Translation involves written content as a medium like documents, books, websites, etc. Whereas, interpretation involves mediums where oral communication is necessary like meetings, conferences, phone calls, live events, etc.
  • In terms of time frame, a professional translator usually gets more time to research and slowly analyze a project while a professional interpreter gets very little time for immediate understanding and delivery of the speech, making it a real-time process.
  • Moreover, the skill set required for both processes also varies. Expert translators possess strong writing skills, an in-depth understanding of vocabulary, and strong research abilities. Whereas, an expert interpreter possesses exceptional listening skills, is a quick thinker, and can accurately convey the message in both source and target languages.
  • Language Interpreters Honor Diversity: Embracing Cultural Sensitivity

Interpretation Services by AGATO - Seamless
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The significance of interpretation in cross-cultural communication can never be overstated as it allows businesses to connect with global audiences and opens a world of possibilities for them. Whether it’s a business meeting, medical consultation, legal proceeding, or any other context, you can certainly rely on our expert interpreters as they are skilled and experienced to deliver exceptional services. We provide professional interpretation services in the following key domains:

Language Interpreters Honor Diversity: Embracing Cultural Sensitivity

Interpretation services do not just involve the mere transmission of technical information, rather they require the language interpreters to have a deep knowledge of cultural nuances. Apart from linguistic expertise, our medical, legal, and other specialized interpreters, also possess a deep understanding and knowledge of cultural norms and differences. AT AGATO, we emphasize the importance of cultural sensitivity in translation and interpretation.

Cultural differences affect communication, therefore, our professional interpreters ensure that your message is not only translated accurately but is also culturally appropriate.

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Why AGATO? for availing of interpretation services?

Interpretation plays a vital role in promoting clarity in multilingual communities. At AGATO, our interpreters provide you with the desired services in more than 100 languages. We have been in the business for many years now and have been trusted as partners by renowned brands and multinational companies. Following are some compelling reasons to choose our interpretation services:

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Qualified interpreters

Our interpreters are supposed to go through a meticulous scrutiny process before joining the team. Their qualifications and experiences are carefully assessed to ensure the provision of high-quality services. For example, legal interpreters are assessed for their knowledge of legal terminologies. We ensure that professionals working in the team are not only fluent in the required languages but also possess industry-specific expertise for the field they would be working in.

Global reach

With a team of diverse interpreters, we ensure to meet your communication needs regardless of your location. We provide interpretation services in a wide range of languages and regions to resonate your message across international borders.

Advanced technology

To enhance the quality and efficiency of our services, we make use of the latest interpretation technology. The cutting-edge technology ensures the storage and delivery of high-quality data, which leads to a seamless and reliable interpretation process.

Quality Assurance

To ensure the highest level of accuracy in our services, we have employed strict quality control measures. We have professionals on the team who look after each interpretation assignment. The project undergoes thorough review and quality checks before delivery. It ensures the precise conveyance of the message to its target.

Strict privacy protocols

AGATO Translation is fully aware of the importance of privacy and confidentiality, especially in legal and medical settings. Therefore we employ strict privacy protocols in our interpretation services and ensure that all the information shared during the interpreting process remains confidential.

Tailored solutions

We always prioritize the needs of our clients and we do recognize the unique needs of every client. Therefore, we always have an initial consultation session where our team closely works with the clients to tailor our services according to the needs of the clients.

Unwavering Confidentiality

The privacy of your data will always remain our top priority. That’s why, for storing the sensitive information of its clients, AGATO Translation upholds stringent security measures and stringent confidentiality protocols. When our clients trust us with their professional translation needs, we make sure that their data and content are handled with the utmost discretion and protection.

Certified Excellence

Our reputable certifications assure our commitment to delivering top-tier translation services. Our professional translators seamlessly bridge the language gaps, making your message resonate across cultures. We are sure you would love the confidence you would get after enduring our certified excellence. Do not wait any more! Choose our translation services for your global communication needs.

Unveiling the process of interpretation


Initial Consultation

When clients contact us for interpretation services, our team initiates a consultation to understand the needs of the clients, the contextual details, pricing, and any other specific requirements that the client may have.


Selection of the interpreter

After the initial consultation, we usually analyze the data gathered through it. After that, we carefully select an industry-specific interpreter with relevant expertise and linguistic skills to perform the task.


A brief discussion regarding the project

Once the task gets assigned, we briefly explain the assignment details to the interpreter. They are made aware of any specific terminologies or contexts that they might encounter during the interpretation process.



On the day of the assignment, our interpreter will perform a flawless job, ensuring a smooth flow of communication between the parties. For example, a legal interpreter will make sure that terminologies and contexts are well understood by all the parties involved.


Quality Assurance

After a task is completed, our quality assurance process begins. Our professionals in the team then review the interpretation and analyze how accurate it was.


Implementation of Feedback (if any)

The needs of the clients and their feedback have always been prioritized in AGATO Translation. We encourage our clients to share their feedback regarding the interpretation service. Your thoughts help us to grow and improve our service regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Interpreting services involve orally conveying spoken content from one language to another in real time, whereas translation services involve the conversion of written text from one language to another. Interpreters facilitate communication between multilingual individuals during conversations and events.

We offer a huge range of services including consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, on-demand and scheduled telephone interpretation, escort/travel interpretation, business interpretation, etc. We have a team of interpreters who provide tailored solutions to your needs.

Yes, we offer both in-person and remote interpreting services. We customize the task based on the requirements of the clients.

Yes, we have highly trained and certified interpreters on our team. They have expertise and certifications in various fields like medical, legal, technical, business, etc. We assign projects to interpreters based on their skills and expertise in their respective fields.

Our prices vary based on various factors including language pair, type of interpretation, preferred interpreter, duration, and location. You can contact us directly or fill out the quotation form to get a personalized quote for your specific needs.

For specialized projects in the legal or medical field, we would suggest you book medical interpreters or legal interpreters as early as possible. Consider booking a few weeks in advance. However, we do understand the urgent situation and we are ready to accommodate our clients’ last-minute needs whenever possible.

You can contact us through our website, phone, or email. Our team will cooperate with you and guide you in finding the most suitable interpreter for your event.

Yes, we can provide equipment like headsets, microphones, etc. for huge events and conferences that involve simultaneous interpretation.

At AGATO, we value the client’s information. Therefore, we have employed strict confidentiality protocols and we do provide NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) upon request to ensure your information remains confidential.

We can adapt to the preferred platforms of our clients, however, in general, we support Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and other video conferencing tools.