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In Dubai, Agato Translation offers legal interpretation services by a team of skilled interpreters who speak more than 100 languages.

Professional Legal Interpretation
Services in Dubai

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Understanding Dubai’s complicated legal system can daunting at times. Therefore individuals and organizations often need interpreters to understand legal matters and communicate clearly with legal professionals. AGATO Translation specializes in providing high-quality legal interpretation services, customized according to the needs of our clients in the UAE. Our certified interpreters are skilled in both Arabic and English, ensuring the provision of accurate and reliable interpretation services in legal settings.

Professional interpreters at AGATO Translation completely understand the critical nature of legal proceedings. Therefore, to provide high-quality services we ensure that our legal interpreters possess deep knowledge and understanding of legal terminologies. We provide legal interpretation services for depositions, court hearings, and other legal matters while ensuring a clear understanding of terms and conditions by all the parties involved.

Legal Interpretation- A General Introduction

Legal interpreting refers to the oral rendering of speech or written text in legal settings. Legal interpreters ensure clear and accurate communication between parties with different linguistic backgrounds. Legal interpretation differs from other casual forms of interpretation as it is sensitive and requires a high level of accuracy and privacy. Legal interpreters, belonging to different fields of law such as criminal, civil, corporate, or immigration law, are bound by confidentiality contracts. They handle the sensitive information with utmost discretion and adhere to strict ethical standards.

Legal Interpretation services in United Arab Emirates

The Process of
Legal Interpretation

Interpretation services in Dubai

The Process of
Legal Interpretation

Legal interpretation is an intricate process and happens in multiple steps. Initially, the legal interpreter reviews case files and background information to comprehend the case details, and specialized terminology used in legal documents.

Next, the arrangements are made for real-time interpretation. The interpreter sits in a place where he/she can hear all parties involved. Legal interpretation takes place in the courtroom, mediation room, law office, or through a virtual platform.

Modes of Legal Interpreting

Multiple modes of interpreting are involved in legal interpretation.

Interpertation Service in Dubai

Simultaneous interpreting

Is utilized in courtroom settings where continuous real-time interpretation is required without pauses. The legal interpreter speaks into the microphone and the participants listen through the headsets.

Consecutive interpreting

Is utilized in client-attorney meetings, depositions, and a few court settings where the interpreter renders the speech when the speaker takes pauses.

Whispered interpreting

Is utilized in small-scale legal settings where only one or two people need interpretation, and the legal interpreter whispers the rendered speech into the client’s ear.

Interpreters also review the legal documents beforehand to ensure accurate translation. Throughout the process, the interpreter may seek clarification regarding the complicated concepts to ensure that all parties involved have understood the details. After the end of the session, the interpreter obtains feedback from legal professionals and clients to assess the session’s effectiveness and make necessary accommodations.

AGATO’s Premier Legal Interpretation: Services in Various Sectors

legal Interpretation in multiple languages services in Dubai

AGATO’s Premier Legal Interpretation: Services in Various Sectors

AGATO Translation offers professional legal interpretation services in multiple languages for its clients in Dubai and the UAE. Our certified interpreters provide accurate interpretation services for civil and criminal trials, reconciliation hearings, depositions, and affidavits. Furthermore, our legal interpreters also help in translating contract terms, interpreting legal agreements, and other multi-lingual documents. In the corporate sector, our interpreters help businesses comply with laws and regulations, assisting them in negotiations and meetings. Our legal interpreters also help clients understand Dubai’s complex immigration laws, helping them with residency applications, work permit processes, and other legal requirements related to immigration.

Avail Justice in Every Language: in Dubai & UAE

AGATO Translation offers premium translation and interpretation services to various Industries and organizations in Dubai and the UAE. With a global network of proficient interpreters, we let our clients choose languages and services tailored to their needs. Our team comprises professional interpreters who can interpret your desired message in any language and provide you with exceptional interpretation services. Our interpreters are experts in the field and know how to deliver interpretation services with professionalism and excellence in multiple languages.

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Why AGATO for availing of interpretation services?

Interpretation plays a vital role in promoting clarity in multilingual communities. At AGATO, our interpreters provide you with the desired services in more than 100 languages. We have been in the business for many years now and have been trusted as partners by renowned brands and multinational companies. Following are some compelling reasons to choose our interpretation services:

Tailored solutions

We always prioritize the needs of our clients and we do recognize the unique needs of every client. Therefore, we always have an initial consultation session where our team closely works with the clients to tailor our services according to the needs of the clients.

Global reach

With a team of diverse interpreters, we ensure to meet your communication needs regardless of your location. We provide interpretation services in a wide range of languages and regions to resonate your message across international borders.

Advanced technology

To enhance the quality and efficiency of our services, we make use of the latest interpretation technology. The cutting-edge technology ensures the storage and delivery of high-quality data, which leads to a seamless and reliable interpretation process.

Quality Assurance

To ensure the highest level of accuracy in our services, we have employed strict quality control measures. We have professionals on the team who look after each interpretation assignment. The project undergoes thorough review and quality checks before delivery. It ensures the precise conveyance of the message to its target.

Strict privacy protocols

AGATO Translation fully understands the importance of privacy and confidentiality, especially in legal and medical settings. Therefore we employ strict privacy protocols in our interpretation services and ensure that all the information shared during the interpreting process remains confidential.

Qualified interpreters

Our interpreters go through a meticulous scrutiny process before joining the team. Their qualifications and experiences are carefully assessed to ensure the provision of high-quality services. For example, legal interpreters are assessed for their knowledge of legal terminologies. We ensure that our professional interpreters possess linguistic proficiency and other industry-specific skills.

Language Interpreters Honor Diversity: Embracing Cultural Sensitivity

Interpretation services do not just involve the mere transmission of technical information, rather they require the language interpreters to have a deep knowledge of cultural nuances. Apart from linguistic expertise, our medical, legal, and other specialized interpreters, also possess a deep understanding and knowledge of cultural norms and differences. AT AGATO, we emphasize the importance of cultural sensitivity in translation and interpretation. Cultural differences affect communication, therefore, our professional interpreters ensure that your message is not only translated accurately but is also culturally appropriate.

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