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Are you planning to work or study in a foreign country or do you want to start a new business abroad? Are you in search of USCIS-approved legal translations with certifications? Or you are searching for accurate and certified legal translation company in Dubai and the UAE? If yes, then you're exactly in the right spot. AGATO Translation specializes in providing precise and accurate legal translation services in Dubai, in over 100+ languages. We provide tailored, tech-enabled language solutions by industry-specific experts. Our team of experienced and professional translators curates all types of legal documents including contracts, patents, all sorts of certificates, court filings, and litigation documents.

We consider the fact that our legal clients are involved in global business cases, therefore they demand professional and accurate legal translation services rather than regular language services. Accredited by the Ministry Of Justice, we provide you with high-quality legal translation services at the most affordable rates.

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Legal Translation Service Dubai
Introduction of legal document translation Dubai

What does Legal Document Translation entail - A General Introduction

Legal Translation services refer to the conversion of legal documents from one language to another, accompanied by the provision of a translation affidavit. It is a complex field. Therefore, legal translators doing the job must possess a deep understanding of both the source and target language, as well as the legal terminology and concepts.

These abilities are important for a professional legal translator to ensure accuracy and precision in the translated documents. Legal Translation Services are availed by common individuals, businesses, and organizations that are associated with global or cross-border activities.

Important factors involved in Legal Document Translation

Accuracy & Precision

Legal documents are very sensitive and may contain vital information regarding a company’s procedures, contracts, or other legal terms. Therefore, the translated documents must be precise and accurate, conveying the original information without any confusion or misinterpretation.

Legal Terminology

Another essential factor that needs to be considered while providing accurate legal language solutions is the knowledge of legal terminology. Documents belonging to certain legitimate fields contain legal terminologies and jargon. Certified translation companies that fail to consider this crucial factor face serious consequences.


Legal documents most often contain delicate and confidential information. Therefore, the expert translators and the translation agency must incorporate strict confidentiality protocols to protect the client's sensitive information.

Benefits of legal document translation in Dubai and the UAE

Application of legal document translation

  • Legal Translation Services allow businesses to tap into the international market.
  • It helps individuals and organizations to stick to the various legal jurisdictions while remaining compliant with the local laws.
  • People can enjoy studying and working in a foreign country by translating essential documents like visas, immigration forms, passports, etc.
  • VAccurate translations of legal documents like contracts, agreements, and financial documents can enhance cross-border transactions without any hustle.
  • Legal Translation Services further enable multinational corporations to globalize their corporate policies, legal documents, and shareholder agreements.
  • Last but not least, high-quality legal document translation promotes global business expansion, giving individuals and businesses confidence in their international activities.

Areas we cover for providing Legal Translation Services

Native & international Legal Document Translation
This category covers a wide range of documents related to legal matters. Only some of them have been mentioned below:

  • Birth certificate
  • Death certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce certificate
  • Local Licensing and permits
  • Application letters
  • Adoption agreements
  • Family Law documents
  • International contracts
  • International Trade documents
  • Immigration documents
  • International investment agreements
  • Medical certificates
  • Educational certificates and transcripts
  • Wills

Birth certificate

Professionals at AGATO Translation provide accurate translations for birth certificates so that individuals and families can portray their connections easily in different legitimate contexts.

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Death certificate

Professionals at AGATO Translation provide accurate translations for death certificates so that individuals and families can portray their connections easily in different legitimate contexts.

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Marriage certificate

We professionally translate marriage certificates to legally recognize and verify the marital status of a couple on an international level.

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Divorce certificate

We professionally translate divorce certificates to legally recognize and verify the marital status of a couple on an international level.

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Local Licensing and permits

We provide translation services for official documents like licenses and permits that enable a business to work legally in a foreign country while complying with the local rules and regulations.

Application letters

AGATO Legal Translation Dubai provides accurate translations of application letters that enable individuals and businesses to formally submit their requests to authorities in more than 100+ languages.

Adoption agreements

Legal translation services for international adoption agreements are provided to ensure that the terms and conditions are accurately read and understood by all the parties involved.

Family Law documents

We provide professional services for translating family law documents like custody agreements and divorce proclamations. It is done to settle down the legal matters of families who have international ties.

International contracts

Professional and high-quality translation of international contracts ensures that business partners across borders are satisfied with the deal. We have translated thousands of legal international contracts so far.

International Trade documents

We ensure the precise translations for trade-related documents like invoices, bills of lading, customs declaration facilities, etc. Organizations get these documents translated to maintain a healthy flow of international trade operations.

Immigration documents

If you are planning to move to UAE or any other foreign country, then you will need your immigration documents to be translated. AGATO Translations helps thousands of foreign clients by providing accurate translation services for their visas, work permits, and residency applications.

International investment agreements

We provide industry-specific expert legal translations for international investment agreements to ensure precision in cross-border investment projects.

Medical certificates

Healthcare organizations and medical professionals get the medical certificates translated to remove the language barrier across various countries. It helps them to communicate the medical terms and diagnosis in a better way.

Educational certificates and transcripts

We provide legal translation services for educational certificates and transcripts. It increases the application and job opportunities for our clients in foreign countries.


If the inheritors belong to different countries and cultures then translation of wills and estate planning documents become necessary. We generate accurately translated wills that fulfill the legal requirements and ensure the proper distribution of assets.

Corporate and Lawsuit Legal Document Translation
AGATO Translation Dubai offers a huge range of services in this section too; some of them have been listed below:

  • Corporate and Government proposals
  • Business contracts
  • Patent filings
  • Financial statements & agreements
  • Legal Disclaimers
  • Confidentiality Agreements
  • Foreign driving licenses
  • Business licenses
  • Intellectual property documents
  • Evidentiary documents
  • Judgements and orders
  • Settlement agreements

Corporate and Government proposals

We provide legal translation services for corporate and government proposals that secure approvals from various organizations. We ensure that the precise message resonates with the global audience.

Business contracts

We provide accurate translations for contractual obligations, terms, and conditions that promote international commerce.

Patent filings

At AGATO, we have professionals who provide technical and legal translation services for patent filings. They make sure that the minute and precise details meet the requirements of different patent offices.

Financial statements & agreements

Corporate businesses need accurate translations of financial statements and agreements to make informed financial decisions. AGATO Legal Translation serves the purpose for them and ensures improved international financial transactions.

Legal Disclaimers

We provide high-quality translation services for legal disclaimers to ensure that the products and services comply with the local rules and regulations. The translated documents improve customers' knowledge and understanding, thus saving businesses from legal liabilities and unfortunate consequences.

Confidentiality Agreements

Precise legal translation of confidentiality agreements is crucial for protecting sensitive information. Therefore, AGATO Translation has opted for strict confidentiality measures to ensure the safety of trade secrets and other sensitive information in cross-border business collaborations.

Business licenses

Business licenses need to be translated in order to operate legally in the international market. AGATO Legal Translation Dubai provides accurate translations for business licenses, permits, and other legal documents.

Intellectual property documents

For protecting and enforcing the intellectual property rights of a business, AGATO provides legal translation services for different intellectual property documents including trademarks, patents, copyrights, etc.

Evidentiary documents

AGATO Legal Translation Dubai accurately translates evidentiary documents like emails, contracts, and reports. These translated documents ensure the clear and precise presentation of evidence in legal proceedings.

Judgements and orders

AGATO Legal Translation Dubai provides accurate translations for court orders and judgments. These professionally translated documents allow individuals and organizations to understand and comply with the legal judgments in international litigation cases.

Settlement agreements

Expert legal translation services provided by AGATO Translation, ensure that the settlement agreement precisely and accurately portrays the terms of dispute resolution. These professionally translated documents aid in resolving legal disputes among global organizations.

Educational certificates and transcripts

We provide legal translation services for educational certificates and transcripts. It increases the application and job opportunities for our clients in foreign countries.


If the inheritors belong to different countries and cultures then translation of wills and estate planning documents become necessary. We generate accurately translated wills that fulfill the legal requirements and ensure the proper distribution of assets.

Process adopted for legal translation services

When you choose AGATO for your legal language solutions, you are choosing a professional and trusted partner with an excellent track record. Just to give you an overview of how we provide legal translation services, we have listed below the steps involved in the process

Initial discussion
Task evaluation
Detailed quotation
and agreement
Assignment of tasks to the translator
Translation process

Editing and proofreading
Applying feedback (if any)
Peer review
Quality Assurance
Final Delivery

Supported Language Pairs

Why AGATO For Document Translation?

AGATO Translation is a certified and professional language service provider based in Dubai and UAE. In the field of Legal Translation, AGATO occupies a top position for several reasons. With a team of certified professional translators, AGATO has been serving the industry for over 20 years.

Additionally, the company holds various certifications ensuring that our translated documents are accepted globally. We provide all of these professional services in more than 100 plus languages.

For its clients' satisfaction, AGATO Translation takes strict measures to ensure the quality of the products it delivers.

Why AGATO for legal document translation?
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Team of certified legal translators

A diverse network of certified legal translators

At AGATO, we have a team of professional and certified legal translators who provide accurate legal translation services in over 100 plus languages across various domains. This diversity gives us the edge to provide precisely translated documents, conserving the original information of the source document. Regardless of the volume and language of the document, our professionals preserve the integrity of the content.

MOJ certified translations

MOJ certified translations

We provide Ministry Of Justice (MOJ) certifications for our translations which further add to our brilliant history of providing legal translations. Although based in Dubai, our certified documents are accepted worldwide, especially by various legal and governmental organizations in Dubai and the UAE.

Decades of experience in translation industry

Decades of experience

With a marvelous history of serving the legal translation industry for above 20 years, AGATO Translation brings unmatchable services to the table. Our industry-specific translators possess a deep understanding of legal terminologies and jargon, cultural differences and nuances, and other vital factors that ensure precision and accuracy in the translated documents.

Guaranteed acceptance of legal documents

Guaranteed acceptance across various sectors

Legal documents need to be accepted by various sectors including corporate, law, immigration, and government. As mentioned before, AGATO Translation holds a lot of certifications that add to the credibility of the company. Furthermore, our professional legal translators craft each document in accordance with the needs and demands of the respective industry. We don’t want to brag about it but our legal translation services and the translated documents are accepted by almost all the agencies, embassies, and other governmental institutions in Dubai and the UAE.

Quality control for translation services

Quality control

The provision of high-quality language solutions is the ultimate goal of our company. Our strict quality control processes involve thorough evaluation, extensive editing and proofreading, and consistency with industry-specific standards. This commitment to quality ensures the delivery of error-free, precise, and accurate legal translations.

Certified Excellence in translation and interpretation industry

Certified Excellence

Our reputable certifications assure our commitment to delivering top-tier translation services. Our professional translators seamlessly bridge the language gaps, making your message resonate across cultures. We are sure you would love the confidence you would get after enduring our certified excellence. Do not wait any more! Choose our translation services for your global communication needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Certified legal translation includes translating legal documents by a professional translator and the provision of a certificate of attestation for the accuracy of the translation. Such documents are considered important to prove one's legal validity, as they ensure the acceptance of legal documents by legal authorities and institutions.

Any legal document that serves an official purpose will require certified legal translation. For example, business contracts, court documents, patents, financial statements, immigration papers, and certificates might require legal translation services.

You can write whatever suits you but if you are looking for the best legal translation company in Dubai then you can simply write our name and we will serve the purpose for you. However, you can still write “legal translation near me” on Google and our name will appear among the top 3 legal translation agencies in Dubai.

Our legal translators are certified and highly qualified. They possess a thorough knowledge of the target and the source language, along with various legal terminologies, and cultural differences.

Our legal translators ensure that the translated document retains the original format and layout. They are experts in their fields and always keep the headings, numbers, and other structural elements consistent with the original document and the specific cultural needs.

Yes, we do assist our clients in document legalization or apostille services to ensure that their translated documents are recognized across various countries.

Absolutely! Client satisfaction always remains our top priority. We share samples of legally translated documents with clients, at their request, to demonstrate the quality of our work.

In case of the occurrence of any errors, we immediately identify them, correct them, and provide the revised version of the translated document. We always prioritize client satisfaction above anything.

Detailed pricing structure depends on various factors like language pairs, document complexity, and turnaround time. For an initial estimate, please fill out the quotation form. Detailed information will be provided upon initial consultation.

AGATO Translation offers comprehensive and professional translation services across several language combinations, including the most widely spoken languages and many prevalent dialects. The most important language pairs include English to Arabic, and Arabic to English translation services. Other common languages include Chinese, Turkish, Japanese, Dutch, and Latin, etc.

Our expert translators possess relevant accreditations or hold certifications from renowned translation associations.

Yes, we are capable enough to do so. Our legal professionals would increase the pace of work to ensure that the estimated deadlines are met without compromising the quality of the content.

Yes, we have handled a lot of native and international large-volume legal translation projects. The turnaround time and pricing for such projects vary based on their complexity, level of service required, etc.

Our industry-specific experts have a good understanding and knowledge of legal terminologies in over 100 plus languages. However, to ensure precise and accurate terminology translation, we employ a collaborative approach that includes research and consultation.

At AGATO, we have employed strict confidentiality measures for the protection of sensitive data. To further emphasize, we use data handling and storage systems to protect and carefully use sensitive legal content.

The turnaround time for the completion of legal translation services depends upon various factors like complexity, project volume, level of expertise required, and level of service required, etc. Our ultimate goal is the provision of timely and accurate legal translations. We do discuss the specific timelines during the detailed consultation session.

Yes, we do offer volume discounts for large-scale projects. However, details regarding the pricing structure can be inquired during the initial consultation.

Our extensive network of certified legal translators, MOJ-certified translations, guaranteed acceptance, and unwavering commitment to quality control are a few factors that give us the leverage to enjoy a better position among the other legal translation companies in Dubai and the UAE.

Yes, we offer certified translations for a huge range of documents. We provide NAATI-certified translations and NZSTI-certified translations along with other legal translation services. We have been in business for more than 20 years now. Our renowned translation services are accepted worldwide.

At AGATO, the comprehensive quality assurance process involves various steps. It starts with translation by qualified legal translators, followed by thorough proofreading and editing, all in compliance with the industry standards. We employ technologies along with human translators to ensure precise and accurate legal translations.