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Marriage certificate translation services in Dubai have become essential after the latest update of rules by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs, which requires all birth and marriage certificates to be translated into Arabic before submission on official levels. AGATO Translation is a certified translation company in Dubai, providing professional document translation services for a variety of documents including marriage certificates, birth and death certificates, driving licenses, etc. Our translations are carried out by MOJ (Ministry Of Justice) certified translators.

The Need for Accurate Marriage Certificate : Translations

A marriage certificate is a legal contract that specifies your partner as your legal spouse and confirms the legal occurrence of your marriage, including essential details regarding the groom, bride, and wedding day. Marriage certificate translation is required by individuals in Dubai for various reasons, including personal, professional, and legal purposes. Therefore to achieve the purpose accurately, consulting a professional translation company in Dubai is a must.

AGATO Translation provides detailed assistance in obtaining a certified translation of your marriage certificate. We are a premier translation company in Dubai and we will get your marriage certificate translated within 24 hours. We provide professional marriage certificate translation services from English to Arabic, and from Arabic to English language at exceptional rates. Other options for more than 100 language pairs are also available.

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The Use of Marriage Certificate Translation in Dubai

Marriage certificate translation services are availed of by individuals for a variety of purposes in Dubai, including official name changes on passports, family visa applications, residency applications, etc.

Some of the common uses of translated marriage certificates have been mentioned below:

For Legal Purposes

For multiple legal reasons, a certified marriage certificate is required to gain parental rights in child custody cases, to establish legal marital status in divorce cases, and to provide evidence for marital status in inheritance or estate distribution matters.

For Personal and Professional Reasons

People get their marriage certificates translated to legally update their names on passports, driver’s licenses, and other vital documents. Many schools and tutoring institutions often demand translated marriage certificates to verify parents' marital status.

Furthermore, individuals working in Dubai often avail of marriage certificate translation services to update their employment records and utilize spousal benefits. These benefits include health insurance, retirement allowances, etc.

Moreover, people may require a certified and accurately translated marriage certificate to gain spousal tax benefits, health insurance plans, social security, and pension plans. Most importantly, people look for professional marriage certificate translation services when they plan to apply for a family visa or obtain their partners' residency permits.

Our Process for Marriage Certificate Translation

AGATO Translation is a leading translation service provider in Dubai and is known for its precise and client-centered approach to marriage certificate translation. Our translators ensure that the translated marriage certificates are accurate, confidential, and comply with all legal requirements.

After a client requests a quote, or contacts our team directly, we initiate a discussion to understand the client’s requirements and tailor our services accordingly.

After the initial discussion, our professional team swiftly evaluates the marriage certificate before assigning the task to a certified translator.

After evaluating the document, a certified translator begins the process of marriage certificate translation. A professional translator carefully translates the document, maintaining the highest standard of quality in the translated document.

The translated marriage certificate is checked for potential errors before final delivery, ensuring the provision of high-quality marriage certificate translation services.

After the completion of the process, the translated marriage certificate is delivered either digitally or physically, depending on the client’s preferences.

Why AGATO for Marriage Certificate Translation in Dubai?

AGATO Translation has been providing document translation services in Dubai for over two decades and is known for the quality of its services. Our professional translators possess linguistic expertise and are experts in their field. While providing marriage certificate translation services, our translators maintain the highest standards and ensure that the translated documents are accurate, precise, and of the highest quality.

You can avail of our marriage certificate translation services for various beneficial reasons.

Why AGATO for legal document translation?
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Team of certified legal translators

Certified Excellence

Our reputable certifications assure our commitment to delivering top-tier marriage certificate translation services. Our professional translators seamlessly bridge the language gaps, providing you with accurately translated documents in your desired language. We are sure you would love the confidence you would get after enduring our certified excellence.

MOJ certified translations

Fast and Punctual Translation

AGATO delivers English <> Arabic Professional Marriage Certificate Translation at an exceptional pace. The rate can be modified further on demand. For other language pairs, we typically deliver between 24 to 48 hours.

Decades of experience in translation industry

Best Quality Translation

AGATO Translation Dubai is a certified translation company that offers high-quality marriage certificate translation services in Dubai. Our translations are executed by trained and qualified native translators who are certified by the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) Dubai UAE, directories, NAATI, ATA, NZSTI, and TOLES.

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Best Price Translation

We offer market-competitive prices and provide you with a range of affordable and tailored price budgets for marriage certificate translations, making high-quality translation services accessible to everyone.

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