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NAATI-Certified Translation Services

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Are you looking for a certified translation company to help you with immigration, legal, academic, or any other professional application? If yes, then you are certainly at the right place. When you submit documents in a foreign language to support your application most countries and embassies ask you to submit official translations for the documents. Navigating such details can be confusing sometimes.

At AGATO, we have a team of highly qualified expert translators. We are aware of the unique specifications of various organizations and we ensure the provision of precise and accurate translations. Our services include high-quality certified, naati-certified, legal, and professional translations that hold international acceptance.

What is a “Certified Translation”?

Certified translation means translating documents from one language to another while providing an official certificate that will attest to the accuracy and authenticity of the translation. This certification generally entails a translator’s signature, their statement of competence or qualification, and a seal or stamp. These details may vary according to the specific requirements of the organization.

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NAATI - A General Introduction

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National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters, NAATI, is the Australian government’s official body that accredits and certifies translators and interpreters in Australia. It examines the translators and interpreters in Australia to maintain and promote high standards of language translation and interpretation services.

Key elements that make NAATI an
exceptional accreditation authority:


At NAATI, accreditation levels vary from “paraprofessional” to “professional” and “certified” etc. The organization only provides accreditation and certification to highly skilled individuals who meet the precise standards for language proficiency and translation/interpretation skills.


NAATI translations are highly regarded across the globe. Certified NAATI translators provide accreditation services in various languages including English, Arabic, Spanish, and many more. Many government agencies prefer the use of NAATI-certified professionals for translation and interpretation services.

Ethical guidelines

Certified translators and interpreters at NAATI are supposed to follow a code of Ethics. Some of these include the maintenance of confidentiality, impartiality, and professionalism in their work.


Apart from Australia, NAATI certification is accepted and respected across various other countries, including the ones where the Australian Language is spoken or considered relevant.

Areas where you would need NAATI-certified translators

NAATI-certified translation of documents is required in various official and professional contexts in Australia. However, their specific details vary according to the unique needs of relevant organizations. The important thing to consider is that the official documents must be translated by companies or individuals who hold NAATI accreditation at the professional level. The professional translators ensure that the translated documents are precise, accurate, and of high quality. Following are some areas where you would need the help of a NAATI translator:

To support visa applications and residency requests, immigration authorities would ask you to provide NAATI-certified translations for documents like birth certificates, marriage certificates, passports, and academic transcripts.

For admission to Australian educational institutions, international students are required to translate diplomas, transcripts, and other educational certificates into English and be certified by NAATI.

Several government agencies require NAATI-certified translations of documents for administrative purposes. These documents mainly include driving licenses, tax records, and identification documents. Even while applying for jobs in Australia, resumes, employment contracts, and reference letters from non-English speaking countries are required to be translated and certified.

NAATI-certified translations play a vital role in legal settings. Professional translators translate court documents, contracts, affidavits, and other legal papers in a precise manner because these papers are then presented in front of government agencies, in court proceedings, and in legal consultations.

Personal documents like divorce certificates, name change certificates, adoption records, etc. require NAATI-certified translations when used for official purposes.

Perks of using AGATOs NAATI-certified Translation Services

  • Using NAATI-certified translation services will give you peace of mind that your documents are in the hands of trained professionals who will ensure high-quality translations.

  • Legal contracts, government applications, and immigration papers can be translated and certified using NAATI translation services. Professionals at AGATO will generate precise translations because certified NAATI translators follow strict standards of accuracy and quality.

  • Apart from having linguistic proficiency, NAATI-certified translators possess a deep understanding of cultural nuances and context. Therefore, they help you generate culturally sensitive and appropriate translations.

  • NAATI-certified translations can expedite your paperwork process in many government agencies and institutions, as it is considered and accepted Australia-wide.

  • Consistent terminology and style, maintained by the NAATI-certified translators at AGATO, ensure clarity and comprehension in the translated documents.

  • NAATI certification is recognized globally, therefore getting the appropriate services from the professionals will increase the chances of your translated documents getting accepted in various countries for different purposes.

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Documents that we provide NAATI-certified translations for

Most often certified documents are used for official or legal purposes. We provide certified translations for all sorts of documents but some common types of documents for which we provide NAATI-certified translations have been mentioned below:

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We provide apostille services to legalize your documents for international use and guaranteed acceptance. Contracts, agreements, affidavits, and court documents are the ones that NAATI-certified translations more often to ensure legal accuracy and validity.

We help people in the application process when they apply for a visa or citizenship in another country. We provide NAATI-certified translations for documents like passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, and other related documents.

When corporate companies plan to expand their business on an international level or seek foreign investments, they need NAATI-certified translations for official documents. Our industry-specific translators professionally translate documents for them like business contracts, annual reports, and financial statements.

We provide certified NAATI translation services to our clients to boost their academic careers in Australia and other relevant countries. We aid them by providing accurate NAATI translations for academic transcripts, diplomas, and certificates.

If you are planning to apply for a government job or you are dealing with government agencies then do not worry about the precise details. We will provide you with NAATI-certified translations for all the required documents like tax records, permits, licenses, citizenship applications, etc.

Our NAATI-accredited professionals translate medical records including reports, prescriptions, and medical certificates for people seeking medical treatment or applying for health-related visas in Australia.

Personal identification documents and legal documents like wills and probates might require NAATI-certified translations if you are living in a foreign country. Our NAATI-accredited translators will help you deal with international inheritances or beneficiaries.

Our accurate NAATI-certified translations help companies expand their reach in the global market. We translate marketing materials, product descriptions, and advertisements to clearly resonate their brand message with the targeted audience.


Experienced NAATI-certified translators

When choosing the best translation company for NAATI-certified translation experience matters a lot. At AGATO, we have a team of experienced NAATI-certified translators who have a proven track record of delivering precise and high-quality translations. We have work experience of more than two decades in the industry. Our certified translators have knowledge of administrative functions and formalities involved in visas, passports, citizenship, divorce applications, etc.

Linguistic expertise

Professional translations demand linguistic accuracy. At AGATO, we have language professionals who are not just fluent in various languages but also are aware of the cultural contexts and nuances. Our certified professionals not only translate your documents but also preserve the essence and intent of the original document.

Annual review of NAATI-certified translators

To ensure the highest standards of quality and accuracy, we conduct an annual review of our NAATI-certified translators. The strict process allows us to review their performance, verify their certification status, and provide them with opportunities for professional development. This commitment to continuous learning and growth keeps our translators at the top of others, allowing them to deliver translations that meet or even exceed the strict NAATI translation requirements.

Quality Control

At AGATO, the quality of the content is never compromised. To ensure high-quality content we implement a comprehensive quality control process. We hold multiple sessions of review and proofreading because a small mistake in legal documents can lead to serious consequences. Our professional NAATI-certified translators meticulously examine each translation for accuracy, precision, and adherence to NAATI standards. By choosing AGATO, you can have peace of mind because our professionals ensure that the NAATI-certified translations are error-free and of high quality.

Language Interpreters Honor Diversity: Embracing Cultural Sensitivity

Interpretation services do not just involve the mere transmission of technical information, rather they require the language interpreters to have a deep knowledge of cultural nuances. Apart from linguistic expertise, our medical, legal, and other specialized interpreters, also possess a deep understanding and knowledge of cultural norms and differences. AT AGATO, we emphasize the importance of cultural sensitivity in translation and interpretation. Cultural differences affect communication, therefore, our professional interpreters ensure that your message is not only translated accurately but is also culturally appropriate.

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Most Common Faq's

Yes, our industry-specific translators who are providing NAATI translation services are all accredited by NAATI in their respective languages.

NAATI-certified translations are used for official and legal purposes and they include a certification statement. These are professional services provided by a translator who has been accredited by NAATI and follows strict quality and ethical protocols. Whereas regular translation involves the conversion of text from one language to another.

Yes, we offer urgent certified NAATI translations for clients with specific needs. Please contact us through email or number for more details.

The price for each NAATI translation project varies based on factors like project volume, language pair, complexity, and type of service needed. You can request a quote for exact details regarding prices.

We can provide both hard copies as well as digital copies for NAATI-certified translations depending upon the tailored needs of the target organization.

The turnaround time for NAATI translations varies based on factors like project volume and complexity. Generally, it takes a few business days but we can deal with rush orders as per the needs of the clients.

Yes, it is possible to avail NAATI translation services in Dubai. However, the purpose and context of use is essential to be understood. NAATI certification is primarily associated with Australia, but anyone can avail of NAATI-certified translations in Dubai if they need certified translations for documents related to Australian authorities, immigration, education, and legal matters.

NAATI (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters) certification is a nationally approved qualification for translators and interpreters in Australia. The certification holds high standards of linguistic proficiency and ethical conduct, making NAATI-certified translations accurate, precise, and widely approved across various official and legal contexts.

A person would need certified NAATI translations if he is submitting documents to Australian authorities, government agencies, educational organizations, or legal or immigration companies. Needs and specifications vary according to the target organization.

AGATO translation has been in the business for more than two decades now. We provide NAATI-certified translations in more than 100 languages. Most common of them are Arabic, English, Spanish, and many more. You can contact the officials for specific language availability.

Yes, our NAATI-certified translations are suitable and widely approved for immigration and visa applications in Australia.

At AGATO, we provide accurate certified translations in various industries including legal, medical, business, education, immigration, etc. There is a huge list of documents that we translate but the most common of them are birth certificates, marriage and death certificates, financial statements, legal contracts, passports, insurance claims, educational certificates, wills, probate documents, etc.

For placing an order you will have to fill the quotation form. The form will provide you initial estimation of the price. Once you fill out the form, we will contact you for details. We will guide you through the process and will ensure that the translated documents are accurate and certified according to your needs.