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Welcome to AGATO Translation, your doorway to professional document translation in Dubai and UAE. If you are searching for exceptional translational services in different fields of your life then look no further, AGATO has got you covered! At AGATO, we have a team of expert translators who specialize in more than 120 major languages and are well-versed in different forms of industries including legal, professional, technical, and many more.

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  • AGATO is one of the leading translation companies in Dubai, and particularly it is known for its huge infrastructure and its exceptional translation services.
  • Our translators do not merely translate the documents; they elevate them to the standard of top-notch professionalism.
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AGATO Legal Translation Services in Dubai

Key characteristics of professional
document translation

Professional document translation is a specialized service provided by trained and experienced translators who have proficiency in both the source and the target languages. It does not refer to mere word-for-word rendering, rather it involves various factors like accuracy, clarity, and cultural sensitivity while converting written or printed materials from one language to another.

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A professional translator makes sure that the meaning, intent, and context of the original document are accurately maintained in the translated document.

Translation in multiple languages with linguistic proficiency

Linguistic Proficiency

Expert translator holds great knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, and cultural nuances for both the source and the target language.

Cultural sensitive translations

Cultural Sensitivity

Relevance to the cultural and social contexts of the source and target languages is considered by the translator for accurate document translation.

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While providing professional document translation services, strict confidentiality measures are implemented to ensure the protection of sensitive information in the documents.

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Quality Assurance

A professional translation agency employs various quality control processes and tools for editing and proofreading a document. All these processes are implemented to ensure the highest level of accuracy and consistency in document translation.

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Benefits of Professional Document Translation

  • Translated professional documents play an important role in clearing the way for cross-cultural communication.
  • They assist in expanding market reach and clinching the accuracy and integrity of the translated content which makes them a crucial resource for individuals and businesses in a globalized world.
  • High-quality translations endorse an organization’s professional image and credibility, encouraging the clients and companies to trust them.
  • Vital documents like driving licenses, contracts, and agreements, business reports, operation manuals, government tenders, etc. should be accurately translated through professional document translation services for official use and record keeping.
  • Furthermore, accurate translations by trusted translation agencies save one's time and money in the long run.
  • A professionally translated document prevents errors and misunderstandings that can lead to costly consequences.

Types of Document Translation Services We Provide

We proudly offer a broad range of document translation services comprising various professional domains. We are certain that once you go through our comprehensive range of offerings, you will not find the need to type “Professional document translators near me” every time you need a service. Rather, you will visit our website and avail any specific translation service you require. Consider us as your one-stop destination for all your document translation needs as we are experts in our field.

  • General Translation
  • Corporate Document Translation
  • Driver License Translation
  • Contracts and Agreements Translation
  • Court Cases Documents Translation
  • Powers of Attorney Translation
  • Articles of Association Translation
  • Government Tenders Translation
  • Laws and Regulations Translation
  • Public Posters and Flyers Translation
  • Academic Research Translation
  • Business Correspondence Translation
  • Advertisements Translation
  • Certificates Translation
  • Operation Manuals/Policies and Procedures Translation

General Translation

AGATO offers different translation services covering a wide range of subjects and industries, paving the way for effective cross-cultural communication.

Corporate Document Translation

AOut of all the translation services that we provide, our premier services entail legal translation and corporate document translation. Our experienced and certified translators translate corporate documents that assist businesses in international operations and partnerships.

Driver License Translation

While driving in a foreign country or dealing with international situations, getting your driver's license translated is the best safety-oriented decision you can make. Professional translation of your license not only ensures legal adherence but also gives you peace of mind during your travels and activities abroad. We are proud to share that AGATO-certified translations of driver licenses are recognized and accepted by the authorities, allowing drivers to live in peace and drive legally on international roads.

Contracts and Agreements Translation

Our professional translators are meticulous about the translation of contracts and agreements ensuring that the involved parties fully comprehend the terms and conditions. We are fully aware of the importance that a professional contract holds. Therefore, we make sure that the translations of professional contracts are done by the experts so that the translated document maintains the intended meaning in different languages. Furthermore, we specialize in compliance and contractual translations which assist organizations in meeting the legal requirements and obligations.

Court Cases Documents Translation

Sometimes people feel confused and lost when they do not understand the meaning of some legal terms which can later lead to dangerous consequences. Court orders, complaints or petitions, summons, etc. are various court case documents that need translation before they can be understood or presented on an official level. Professional translators at AGATO help clients understand legal proceedings in their preferred language by translating the court case documents for them.

Powers of Attorney Translation

AGATO provides translation services from Arabic to English and from English to Arabic and various other languages. It allows the translators to accurately translate the powers of attorney and other vital documents, which certainly allows the individuals to grant legal authority to different jurisdictions.

Articles of Association Translation

Articles of association or integration are the legal documents that let you know about the rules, regulations, and governing structure of any organization. Along with other services, AGATO provides translation services for articles of association that allow businesses to expand globally while staying in line with local regulations.

Government Tenders Translation

Bidding processes are considered very crucial by some organizations. Therefore, our team of professionals accurately translates the government tender documents for our clients which allows the businesses to participate in the international bidding process.

Laws and Regulations Translation

International students, businessmen, and various other individuals sometimes find it hard to understand the laws and regulations of a country. In such a situation, professional document translation is required to avoid any misunderstanding. Certified translators at AGATO Translation help individuals and organizations understand and comply with foreign rules and regulations through accurate translations of their documents.

Public Posters and Flyers Translation

Translation of public posters and flyers is crucial for conveying essential messages effectively to a diverse audience and our subject-matter translators know how to do that with accuracy and precision.

Academic Research Translation

If you have written a research paper or article and you want to globalize its reach then it’s the right time and the right platform to do so. Just share your details and requirements and we will do the rest of the job for you. AGATO also provides some similar translation services including academic transcript translations, which enable students and professionals to pursue educational and career opportunities abroad.

Business Correspondence Translation

In today’s globalized business environment, if you want to expand your business internationally to generate revenue and sales then consider business correspondence translation as a key. It will allow you to build trust and create a multi-cultural workforce. We have already helped a lot of renowned businesses by providing them with professional translation services. Along with correspondence, we also provide business reports translation to ensure that the company can share its insights across borders. Another key element for business is the financial report translation which can help the clients to convey the financial data accurately to the stakeholders and investors. You can choose our expert translators without a doubt for all business-related documents.

Advertisements Translation

We are experts in enhancing the marketing efforts of our clients. Our translation services help businesses in adapting advertisements to resonate with the target audiences from different cultures. AGATO provides tailored language solutions to companies which allows them to promote their products and services on a global level. Accurate Brochures translation done by our professionals maintains a persuasive impact of the message and helps the company to attract international customers.

Certificates Translation

Are you planning to move or have you moved abroad and need your marriage certificate translated? Don’t worry. You are at the right place. We are professionals and we provide accurate marriage certificate translations, opening the doors of legal recognition and documentation for international couples. Furthermore, our services for certificate translations include categories like birth, death, divorce, academic, and training certificates. Our certified translations are accepted in Dubai and various other countries across the world.

Operation Manuals/Policies and Procedures Translation

Operation Manuals need to be translated into the targeted languages because they help users understand equipment and processes. AGATO Translation has hired professionals specifically for this purpose. They do accurate translations because client satisfaction is their top priority. Additionally, our professionals translate the policies and procedures of a company to make them accessible to a global workforce.

Our Process For Document Translation Services

Project Evaluation
Quotation and
Confidentiality Agreement
Editing process

Peer Review
Client Review
Incorporating Feedback (if any)
Quality Assurance
Final Delivery

Document Translation Quality Assurance Benefits

AGATO Translation Dubai is a certified and experienced company that collaborates with a team of seasoned native translators possessing subject matter expertise for all our document projects. AGATO Translation holds certification for both ISO 9001, highlighting our commitment to quality management, and ISO 17100, certifying our excellence in providing professional translation services.

We ensure the technical precision and linguistic accuracy of our translated documents. At AGATO, the documents undergo a meticulous scrutiny process. While providing translation services, we make sure that the documents undergo rigorous proofreading, editing, and peer reviews before they are checked by the standard metrics for minute details.

We employ native professionals, cutting-edge technology, and industry-standard metrics to assess translation quality. Primarily, what makes AGATO unique among the other translation companies, is its pioneering translator accountability initiative which will allow the clients to evaluate the translator’s performance.

Quality Assurance benefits for document translation

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AGATO Translation is a certified and professional translation company. Our translators specialize in more than 120 languages and possess industry-specific expertise. With an impressive track record spanning over 20 years, our proficiency extends across multiple sectors and global territories.

Although we are based in Dubai, still our services are held in high regard worldwide. AGATO Translation fully understands the unique nature of every project, therefore the professionals working here derive customized language solutions to your document’s specific requirements. We take pride in delivering exceptional translation services for your investment.

Why AGATO for professional document translation services?
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Team of certified legal translators

A cohesive team of achievers

AGATO Translation possesses a team of highly qualified professional translators. Our team is fully committed to succeeding in all aspects of the translation services that we provide. They make sure that each translation project receives the dedication it deserves.

competent translation process

Competent process

Our rigorous and well-structured process ensures that every professional document translation is executed with accuracy and precision.

Cutting-Edge Technologies to assist translators

Cutting-Edge Technologies

The use of the latest technologies in our translation processes helps us stay at the forefront of the translation industry in Dubai. Following is just a glimpse of a few technologies we use to generate the desirable results for your professional documents. CAT Memory for storing and managing clients’ earlier translations CAT Terminology for storing and administering the client’s unique terminology and spelling preferences. Translation Management System (TMS) for effective management of client’s translation endeavors

Decades of experience in translation industry

Decades of Experience

With an extensive experience of above 20 years, we bring unparalleled expertise to the table. Our happy and satisfied clients prove that we are your trusted partner for all your translation needs.

Trusted for it's words and services - AGATO Translation

Unwavering Confidentiality

The privacy of your data will always remain our top priority. That’s why, for storing the sensitive information of its clients, AGATO Translation upholds stringent security measures and stringent confidentiality protocols. When our clients trust us with their professional translation needs, we make sure that their data and content are handled with the utmost discretion and protection.

Certified Excellence in translation and interpretation industry

Certified Excellence

Our reputable certifications assure our commitment to delivering top-tier translation services. Our professional translators seamlessly bridge the language gaps, making your message resonate across cultures. We are sure you would love the confidence you would get after enduring our certified excellence. Do not wait any more! Choose our translation services for your global communication needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can easily request a quote for our translation services, by reaching out to us through our website, phone number, or email. We do have email and phone number mentioned on the website. Our team members would be readily available to provide you with tailored solutions for your professional translation needs.

AGATO Translation is a certified and professional translation company. Our central headquarters is located at Latifa Tower, Office 2101, Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Center, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Apart from Dubai, we have office branches in Jordan, Egypt, and New Zealand.

The duration for the completion of a translation project depends on its size and complexity. However, we are committed to providing high-quality expert translation services to our clients.
Absolutely! We have done it in the past. We are highly capable of managing translation projects of all sizes, even if they are complex or more modest in scope. Regardless of the project volume, our experts in the field of translation will provide you with tailored solutions that align with your precise requirements.

Our team comprises subject-matter experts and certified and professional translators who are always ready to fulfill your linguistic needs across various fields. Along with the professionals, we utilize cutting-edge computer-assisted translation tools to ensure the provision of high-quality translation to our valuable clients.

For the delivery of professional translation services, we support a vast array of languages, encircling more than 120 options. These include English, Arabic, German, Turkish, Russian, Chinese, French, Japanese, and numerous others.

To ensure an accurate estimate for your language translation project, we would request, that you fill out the quotation form. Once you submit the form, we’ll provide you a free consultation which will give you a clear understanding of the pricing, with no obligations attached.

Supported Languages

AGATO Translation offers comprehensive and professional translation services across several language combinations

which include the most widely spoken languages and many prevalent dialects.

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