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Software localization is a comprehensive process of adapting a software application or program to make it linguistically, culturally, and functionally appropriate for the target audience of a particular region or country. The process does not refer to the mere translation of the content from one language to another, instead, it involves various aspects of customization that enable the software to be user-friendly and culturally appropriate to the local users. It’s a complex task and demands significant effort and plenty of time from the professional translators and the development teams.

Software localization is not a one-time task; ongoing maintenance is a must for user-friendly software. With the evolution of the software, it needs to be updated and maintained so that it remains up-to-date with the evolving target culture. Some other factors are also included in successful localization services like accurate translation, conversion of currency symbols and units of measurement, and compliance with the rules and regulations of the target culture. Therefore, when brands or companies search for companies to avail translation and localization services, they must choose specialized translation companies like AGATO.

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Software Translation and Localization Services in Dubai

Vital elements for effective software localization

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The most common but crucial aspect of software localization is the translation of its content. This process entails the accurate translation of all the text within the software, including menu boxes, error messages, buttons, dialog boxes, and user documentation from the source language to the target languages.

Software localization in multiple languages with linguistic proficiency and cultural accuracy

Cultural Adaptation

Cultural nuances vary from one culture to another. Therefore, while localizing any software, it is important to consider the cultural differences. All the elements including images, symbols, colors, etc. need to be aligned to the cultural norms and sensitivities of the target audience.

High-quality standards

Quality Assurance

Software specialists incorporate rigorous testing to make sure that the localized software is functioning properly. Precise testing and quality assurance processes ensure accurate and contextually appropriate translations.

Keyboard layout adjustments and privacy commitments

Keyboard layout adjustments

Keyboard layouts and input methods also need to be adapted for effective software localization. It will support the characters and scripts used in the target language.

UI modifications in softwares for adaption

UI modifications

User interface modification is considered a vital element of software localization services. The design and layout of the user interface need to be adapted to accommodate longer and shorter text strings resulting from translation.

Compliance with rules and regulations for better translation and localization results

Compliance with rules and regulations

Legal and regulatory compliance is a must in software localization services. Every software needs to adhere to the local laws and regulations in order to incorporate compliance with data protection laws, copyright acts, and other legal issues specific to a certain region.

Professional software localization services in Dubai or any region

Date, Time, and Numeric formats

Professional software localization also includes the adjustment of date and time formats to match the conventions of the target region. It includes the order of day, month, and year as well as the use of appropriate 12-hour or 24-hour time formats. Numerical formats also vary from one region to another. Software needs to be localized in a way so it displays the numbers in a format familiar to local users.

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Benefits of Having Multilingual and Multi-localized Software on a Global Scale

  • Accurate software translation in multiple languages leads to expanded market reach. This allows our brands to interact with a global audience that further enhances their potential customer base and market share.
  • Localized software provides an improved user experience which leads to higher user satisfaction and engagement.
  • Localization experts translate the software and the user guides and provide support in local languages. It improves customer support and reduces language barriers.
  • Software localization specialists offer multilingual software that is tailored to specific regions. This gives a competitive edge to brands working with us to cater to the specific needs and preferences of their diverse audience.
  • Customers prefer purchasing and using software in their local language. Therefore, multilingual software can provide you with increased access to a wider audience which ultimately results in higher sales and revenue.
  • Localized software can also foster customer loyalty and repeat business because if a user gets the desired product in a professional way, then it is most likely that they will come again.

Types of Software that we Translate and Localize

AGATO Translation provides software localization services in Dubai and UAE. Dubai is a multicultural city and it is known as a major business and trade hub. It has residents and businesses belonging to the different countries of the world. Most of the companies operating here have a global customer base. Therefore, to cater to the varied linguistic preferences of the population, companies must focus on translating their software into multiple languages along with their localization. Our services are not limited to the following types of software, but these are the common types of software for which we provide localization services:

  • Business Software
  • Mobile Applications
  • Gaming Software
  • Educational Software
  • Medical and Healthcare Software
  • E-commerce and Retail Software
  • Entertainment and Multimedia Software

Business Software

AGATO Translation provides localization services for varied types of business software, including CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions, financial software, etc. Our professionals translate the content and customize the specific terminologies to ensure smooth operations and global scalability.

Mobile Applications

In the current digital era, user engagement mostly happens through the mobile apps of smartphones. Therefore, we possess a team of technical and linguistic experts who translate and localize mobile apps to ensure that they function meticulously across different languages and cultures. From general content, and user-interface elements to user documentation, we will provide you with accurate translations for an exceptional user experience.

Gaming Software

The world of gaming is ever evolving and so are we. We provide comprehensive translation and localization services for various gaming software, including video games, online games, and other gaming platforms. Our precise services include translating in-game content, dialogues, instructions, etc. to resonate with gamers worldwide.

Educational Software

We translate and localize educational software to make learning interesting and accessible to all students across the globe. AGATO Translation takes pride in its accurate and precise translations of e-learning platforms, educational apps, and other educational content.

Medical and Healthcare Software

We ensure precision while providing software translation services in the medical field. We have localized various medical software so far including Electronic Healthcare Records, Telemedicine platforms, etc. Professional translation and localization ensure the availability of vital information and services to patients and healthcare professionals in their native language.

E-commerce and Retail Software

Effective translation and localization are crucial for e-commerce software if the respective companies are aiming for global success. We help e-commerce businesses by translating their software, online stores, and payment systems so that they can expand their market reach and fulfill the needs of their diverse customer groups.

Entertainment and Multimedia Software

AGATO also provides translation and localization services in the world of entertainment. We translate the multimedia content and ensure that the translated content is culturally relevant, subtitles are accurate, and interfaces are user-friendly.

AGATO: Your Trusted Partner in the World of Localization

Specialized software translation is considered one of the most challenging and complex forms of translation which demands a high level of accuracy and deep knowledge of technical terms and other subject matters. At AGATO, we have a team of industry-specific translators who possess professional expertise in different technical and software-related domains. Based on the expertise of our professional software translators and the dedicated technical team, we can localize your mobile apps, software, devices, games, and other applications in more than 100 languages allowing your brand to resonate with a global audience. Our proficiency and skills in the field, not only ensure accurate translations but also unlock the paths for your product to be embraced worldwide. Mentioned below are some other reasons for you to be satisfied that your software is in safe hands.

Why AGATO for high-quality software localization services?
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Certified linguists and translators

Decades of experience and qualified linguists

AGATO Translation has been in the industry for more than 20 years providing professional software translation services. We are leading various localization companies with our ever-evolving insights and expertise regarding software localization and translation. AGATO also takes pride in its team of linguistic experts who possess deep knowledge of both source and target language and other intricacies of the software world. They ensure that they do not just translate the software, but rather adapt it according to the specifications of the target region.

Client tailored software localization services

Customization with timely delivery

Software specialists at AGATO specialize in the art of customization. They meticulously tailor each localization project to the unique needs of the target culture, ensuring relevance, user-friendliness, and enhanced user experience. We provide high-quality software localization services at the most affordable rates and within a great pace of time. The delivery time for any project can also be customized according to the needs of the client.

Cutting-edge technology for professional localization

Cutting-edge technology

At AGATO, we have a dedicated technical team that uses cutting-edge tools and innovations to carry out the whole localization process seamlessly. We have automated translation memory systems that aid in providing accurate translation services while we have sophisticated localization platforms that help in providing smooth software localization services. Our technical team manages everything for you without any hustle.

Quality assurance for high-quality localization services

Quality Assurance

We believe that accuracy and precision are paramount in the world of software localization. Therefore, we ensure quality in all the services we provide. We employ strict quality assurance protocols to ensure accurate translations that adhere to the specific standards of the industry. Our precise proofreading, testing, and validation process ensures high-quality, error-free software that will give you full confidence to tap into the global market.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Software translation refers to the conversion of its content from one language to another while software localization involves the adaption of the software to a specific region to make it linguistically, culturally, and functionally suitable for the target audience.

If any business is planning to expand its reach to the global market, then it must consider translating and localizing its software. It enhances user experience, allows businesses to comply with rules, and also gives them an edge to compete in the global market. The international audience will only resonate with multilingual and multi-localized software.

AGATO Translation offers translation and localization services in over 100 languages. Most common of them are English, Arabic, Spanish, and Japanese, etc. We offer a wide range of languages so that your software can reach varied international audiences.

We take pride in translating and localizing different types of software including gaming software, business software, mobile applications, educational software, etc.

You can request a free quote to avail of our professional software translation and localization services. You can contact us through our website, email, or phone number.

The provision of high-quality services has always been the top priority of AGATO Translation. We have industry-specific translators and specialized interpreters on our team. During the process, the software undergoes expert translation, linguistic testing, and user testing to ensure that the translated software is accurate, functional, and culturally appropriate.

We are professionals in the field of translation. We have been in the business for more than 20 years now. We provide tailored translation and localization services to our clients to meet their specific needs.

Project timelines vary based on factors like software complexity and scope. We do have software specialists and translators on our team who analyze the project and then provide the estimated timeline. We can also customize project timeframes based on the needs of the clients.

Just like the project timelines, the exact price for each project varies based on the service required. Factors like software type, content volume, complexity, scope, source and target languages, etc. contribute to the overall pricing in software translation and localization. You can request an instant quote for the initial estimation of the project’s price. The details will be provided later during the consultation.

Supported Languages

AGATO Translation offers comprehensive and professional translation services across several language combinations

which include the most widely spoken languages and many prevalent dialects.

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