What would you like to translate?


What would you like to translate?

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AGATO Legal Translation reserves a prestigious name in the industry ensuring we continually exceed customer expectations. Over the past three decades, we strived to the utmost to provide best and cost effective innovative translation solutions. We are proud of our wide array of clients who made us what we are today; Market leaders!

Message from the CEO

Software Localization Services

Your software translation for web-based and mobile apps, at a glance should convey the message and that demands a keen technical understanding of your application and how multi-lingual audiences will interact with it. With native translators and experts in the domain, we’ll help keeping your apps user-friendly.

To tap into new markets with meticulous software translation and localization that optimizes the user experience, AGATO Legal Translation offers the perfect solution.  Native translators with state-of-the-art technology helps in keeping the user-friendly experience of the applications without compromising on the User-interface

Users around the world use the same software in different ways. To make sure that the software is truly captivating to a local audience, everything from pricing plan, workflow and features needs to be customised. A high-quality localization process is always required. AGATO, as your localization partner, can truly help you at every step of the software translation process.

Clear and precise message may help you stay ahead of the competition globally. With a blend of human translation and machine learning as part of our software translation, you’ll be able to weave your brand into new markets. Fast, cost-effective and Quality localization service can help you achieve this goal.

Gaming Translation

Gaming industry is one of the most rapidly growing entertainment industry, nowadays. With Artificial intelligence and advances in Interactive technologies, it is bound to grow more. While saying that, it would also require huge investment and demands to explore new markets in order to get the maximum return on your investments through gaming translation.

Gaming translation and localization could be a potential arena which could guarantee your access to new markets. Achieving this goal could be daunting without engaging a world class brand like AGATO.

AGATO Legal translation brings you the best of technology and expertise in gaming translation in order to smooth out your gaming translation and localization process. We can simply extract the text and transcribe the verbal communication in order to do voice over and localization keeping in view the nature of the game.

Our special services :

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    Document Translation

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    Technical Translation

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    Website Translation

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    Software Localization

Premium translation is completed by a native professional translator followed by full revision by a second native specialized professional translator and a final quality control by a dedicated project manager. Premium translation is a high-quality translation best suited for publication purposes. Translation memory and glossary are provided upon request.

Here to Help Your Every Business Need

Here to Help Your Every Business Need