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Simple Tips On How To Make Your Language More Powerful

Simple Tips On How To Make Your Language More Powerful

Simple Tips On How To Make Your Language More Powerful

Have you ever been moved by several words that played a role of a trigger to you? Make your language more powerful because words carry so much weight.

Think of something you’ve read that was moving. Or a speech you heard that was inspirational.  In all these cases, your emotions were activated, you remember how the words made you feel. Perhaps they moved you to action. Perhaps you hold on to a memory that makes you sad, angry, happy….Words, in particular combinations, gave you those feelings. Words, delivered in a certain way (if oral) touched your senses.


Do you feel like you want to turn into the one who can do same in any sphere of your life? Then, you better find several minutes to learn how to make your language more powerful!


Because words are so often used automatically and unconsciously, we have learned to treat them lightly. In daily conversation, we speak the majority of our words from habit, convenience, and social obligation rather than from clear intent.


If we realized the potential that language has to create and transform our lives, we would pay a great deal more attention to our utterances. We’d be as determined to get our language “in shape” as we are to master and hone our bodies.


Whether or not we realize it, we are constantly using language to evolve our ideas and beliefs into concrete reality. By becoming more aware of the impact and power of language, we can make more conscious, insightful choices about how we express ourselves and how we interpret others.


Be honest about what you say

First of all, to make your language more powerful, be truthful. Just realize that if you lie -you lose trust, you lose your name. Is there something on Earth more important?


Be  thoughtful

It goes without saying, that it is important what is the meaning of what people say but people who listen to it are of no less importance. So when planning your message, think of your audience, mind their age, nationality, sex, background. Thinking of those little things will never do harm.


Be logic

When you start speaking or writing – plan ahead. If you deliver a report, or you prepare an oral presentation, or you write a letter – get ready, think of all the details, pay attention to the choice of words, proper tone, and style.


Be laconic

Remember that today people value their time way more than it used to be before.  Stick to the point, try to escape vague phrases and odd words.If you find yourself speaking with vague and general language, take a moment to ask yourself how you can get your message across simply, directly and with conviction. If you are afraid of offending someone or appearing hard or challenging, you may be unconsciously diffusing your words to be more acceptable to others. Do some soul-searching to assess whether your need is acceptable to me and is it overriding your ability to own your ideas and assert your own power.

Generally, the more words you use to say something, the less power those words have. Feel the difference between a 12-word sentence and a five-word sentence. Practice using as few words as possible to get your message across. People who ramble, or who just like to hear themselves speak, get boring very quickly.


Be manipulative – but just a little bit!

So much of the way we present our ideas has to do with what we expect in return. If we are afraid our idea or request will be rejected, we may use language that is confusing and indirect.

Using language to manipulate is costly in terms of energy. Using direct and honest language frees up that energy to be more playful and present with those you love. Practice asking for what you need in a more direct manner. This will definitely make your language more powerful and you may be surprised at the level of fun and enthusiasm that returns to your relationships.


Be prophetic

There is a method called Conscious Languaging, our choice of language can either hamper or enhance our ability to create the experiences of our choosing.

Because our beliefs and behaviors are heavily influenced by our personal language “programs,” by consciously monitoring and choosing our language, we can effectively reprogram our lives. By “upgrading” our language choices we can upgrade our attitudes, belief systems, and life patterns.

Remember that speaking is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Where your words lead, your mind and body will follow, so speak and think only that which you choose to have come into reality – now and continuously.


Be confident

There is a direct connection. As soon as you are content with yourself, everything will demonstrate it to others. This is very important. Try to learn not only what your strong sides are, but also the weak ones because if you manage to turn them into your strengths – it will be the double success.

If you know how good you are, you will know how to speak it out. But remember one simple trick – sometimes actions speak louder than the words!


Be not only a speaker but also a listener

It is a difficult skill, but working on it worths it! If you learn how to listen, you will attract people. They will find in you the one who not only listens to them but after having heard is able to say what they need to hear. Don’t confuse two verbs! “Need” is not “want”!

Language. It’s the preferred method of communication in our culture – the fuel we use to empower our desires and to direct and align our energy. Language has immense power, and its impact depends entirely on how we wield it. That is why it is so important to work hard to make your language more powerful. As you become more comfortable with silence, more comfortable being powerful and more conscious of your word choices, your language will reflect your increased conviction and commitment.

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