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The 4 Benefits of Dealing only with AGATO for your Translation

The 4 Benefits of Dealing only with AGATO for your Translation

The 4 Benefits of Dealing only with AGATO for your Translation

Reasons to centralize your translation with AGATO. Using AGATO as your single centralized translation agency saves on costs, speeds up turn around and improves.

AGATO uses the latest German technology, Plunet, to efficiently manage their translation processes. This technology allows us to assign preferred translators to certain customers, assign special prices to certain customers, and receive your requests, and orders directly from our customer portal.

In addition, AGATO uses the latest Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tools. This gives the added benefit to the client for using translation memory, glossary, and quality control.

Translation Memory (TM)

Translation memory is where we keep all previously translated content for our clients. AGATO maintains translation memory for each client. That means:

  • The client does not have to check again the translation they have previously checked. Previously translation are used again when they are needed.
  • The client does not have to pay again for the same paragraph they have translated.
  • The client does not have to check the accuracy of any figure or date, as are copies as they are from the source.
  • The client gets the translation faster than expected due to reuse of similar contents. So, the more you translate in the AGATO memory, the faster the turnaround and the more you tend to save!

Storing  your TM and keeping it up-to-date can be a headache at times, especially if you are translating into multiple languages. Using a single vendor to manage your TM considerably reduces the risk of misplacing any of these essential language assets or forgetting to update them with your latest translations.

Terminology management

To maintain consistency across entire documents, it is essential your translation agency establishes a database of terminology. It is not possible to use the same translator for the entire document, especially if the document is big and the due date is tight. With an established glossary of terms, we ensure all linguists share the same glossary term base. AGATO keep updating your glossary according to your needs and include use of that terminology in our quality control check before submission of the document to our client.


Using several different translation agencies just because of lower price is not a good strategy. It may result in more cost and longer turnaround.

When quoting, some agencies may not include indirect costs such as post-translation rework or project management in the initial pricing. This can lead to issues down the line, especially if the quality of the translation requires the file to be reworked. If you end up with a sub-par translation, it’s going to cost extra to fix, whether you choose to send it back to the same agency for rework or to send to a different editor to bring it up to par. Now your budget is affected and your project timeline thrown out the window! A single vendor could manage all of this for you from start to finish.


Too many cooks spoil the broth. This is true for translation service. If there are too many translation agencies things can become very messy. Using only one agency you truly trust will ensure a great service that provides long-term savings, faster turnaround, and higher quality.

With AGATO’s translation, we apply professional tools for translation technology, including translation management system, translation memory, translation terminology, and most importantly we apply our 30+ years of experience in translation– you win and save!

The sooner you centralize your language assets with AGATO, the earlier you see the benefits.

The 4 Benefits of Dealing only with AGATO Translation

About the author

Hadi Abu Ghazala is the Managing Director at AGATO and is based in Auckland, New Zealand. He works to provide consultation and latest trends in translation technology to AGATO customers. Hadi is a NAATI certified translator and enjoys 30+ years in translation consultation and practice.

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