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Translation for Travelling Abroad

Translation for Travelling Abroad

Translation for Travelling Abroad

The language barrier

If we happen to travel in a country that is not our own we could have issues with a language barrier. It is not everywhere that we could come across others who would be speaking the language that we could converse in. If we are English speakers, it would surprise us as to how many out there do not speak the language or would they understand a heck of what we would say.

In such a situation if we could communicate only in English we could have a very difficult time trying to get about in that country. A simple chore like asking for directions could become a nightmare and we could be lost and if we are on holiday it would not be an enjoyable one at all.

We could be aliens in our own planet and with so many languages being used in different parts of the world, learning each and every language even the popular ones would be a daunting task. Regular travellers encounter this problem frequently. But now thanks to technology we could overcome this predicament and converse with those whom we meet in most of the countries that we would visit.

Using translation apps

Technology is now made available where there are translation apps which would make the life of travellers very convenient and facilitate easy communication with locals even though you may not know the language. We list below four of the best translation apps which you would be best served if you would carry it in your smartphone.

These apps have been developed after much research and it would be great companions for you when you travel abroad.

#1. Google Translate

Google is the leading information technology company in the world, one that has always brought very innovative and state of the art applications for the discerning user. This is a browser-based translation app that has been around for years and one that has proved its mettle and considered the best out of the lot. There would be more options and accuracy if the app is connected to the internet.

You could work the Android and the iPhone actions even when they are offline. You could use more than 100 different languages when connected to the internet. About 50 languages could be downloaded onto your smartphone when you are offline. This gives you ample choices and it would be ample and more to get yourself around in most parts of the world.

These were launched and presented as packages but with the capacity needed for other apps, Google subsequently reduced the size of the packs. This app has brought a new dimension to how you would get about when on holiday and in the meantime would make life comfortable for you. Obtaining a translation is quite simple and that would be by typing in the word or sentence, pointing the screen at the word needed to translate or speak to obtain the required translation.

It is indeed a great app and it would be to your advantage to have it in your smartphone so that you have easy access to it at your fingertips. You could also speak into the phone and get directions in the language needed which you could ask a passerby who would definitely help out. You need to have the app to realize the advantage it could deliver to you. If you are a frequent traveller this app would be just what you would need and one that could make your life a momentous one. This app is available on iOS and Android.     

#2. iTranslate Voice

This is just what it says it is. You need to speak into your smartphone and pronto the translation is provided. You are able to carry on a conversation with another by speaking in the two languages that you would choose to converse in. You say something and the translation is provided and then the other person answers and the app would translate that too. This is a great app to easily converse with and the translations provided are very accurate with very little deviations.

It is possible to store common phrases in the language that you are comfortable with. You are able to use these when required so that you don’t have to be searching for them when you need to use them. This could be one of the best voice translation apps around and it is quite versatile in its translation too. This app is available on iOS.  

#3. Translate Speak and Translate Pro

This is not a free translation app like the rest and is quite a tricky issue to ask for a payment in such a situation. Though you may pay for the app, it is worth every cent that you would pay and delivers what they have promised. You are able to translate over 100 different languages and that too by speaking into your smartphone and receiving the translation in double-quick time.

This is easy to use and you would need to ask the question in your language and the app would reciprocate in the language that you would desire. You could ask anyone for anything without causing any confusion or misunderstanding. This app does require an internet connection and is easy to use. There is a limited version which is offered free but if you need the premium with a host of advantages then you would need to pay about US $ 3.99.

This translation app is available on Android.

#4. Microsoft Translator

Supported by Microsoft’s Bing language this is also a great app if you are a frequent traveller. This app uses parts of other apps to combine them and bring a superlative translation app which is compatible with many devices. This app could translate 50 languages and available on Android, iOS and Windows phone. This would compare with the Google translation app and like the former, this is also free which makes it a must-have when you are travelling out of your home country.

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